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mardi 8 janvier 2019

Application for Young Transformation Initiative (YTI) Cohort 2

Team YTI is currently accepting registration/participation into her online educational training programme scheduled to commence in March this year.

Young Transformation Initiative (YTI) is an online educational training programme that focuses on training young people on key moral and ethical societal issues - defining practical ways on how they can impart the society positively and create a sustainable future for themselves.

Mission: To ethically groom the young for societal and sustainable future development.

Vision: A society of young people with high uprightness and morals.

1. Exhaustive and Comprehensive training/tutoring on morals and ethics
2. Networking with other participants across Africa
3. Career guide for participants
4. Become an alumni of the program which can make you eligible to apply to become member of Team YTI.

  • 1. Applicant must be between 17 - 24 years
  • 2. Applicant must have an active WhatsApp number during the course of the program
  • 3. Applicant must not be an alumni of this program
  • 4. Applicant must be an African

Application closes February 23rd 2019

2 commentaires:

  1. bonjour,j aimerais bénéficier d une bourse a l étranger comme que je suis vulnerable et ne pouvant pas me payer Les études universitaires même si j en très envie,don't,je vous prie de bien vouloir m accord cette chance.merci

    1. ya beaucoup d erreures d orthographe dans ce commentaire,mais j espère que vous allez comprendre....