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mardi 7 avril 2020

The 4th CODESRIA/CASB Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa (Fully-funded) 2020/2021

CODESRIA/CASB Summer School in African Studies
CODESRIA/CASB Summer School in African Studies

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and The Centre for African Studies in Basel (CASB) call for applications for their 4th Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa.

Application Deadline: 17th July 2020

To Be Taken At (Country):
Dakar, Senegal.

About the Award: The overall objective of the CODESRIA/CASB Summer School is to stimulate and consolidate interdisciplinary approaches to research on Africa, but also on other regions of the world undertaken from within the African continent. It focuses on African Studies as an instance of area studies and seeks to identify themes that are theoretically, conceptually and methodologically relevant to the reflection on the intellectual challenge of Africa as an object of knowledge and its contribution to general scholarship while inquiring into the relevance of the findings to African approaches to other regions. The goals of the Summer School are the following:
  • Give PhD students and emerging scholars the opportunity to engage critically with new theoretical, conceptual and methodological developments in African Studies and enhance the relevance of the methods to their work under the guidance of senior scholars;
  • Encourage PhD students and emerging scholars to reflect on the potential relevance of knowledge on Africa to the task of improving our theoretical, conceptual and methodological tools both in the disciplines as well as in interdisciplinary work;
  • Foster among PhD students and emerging scholars a sense of belonging to a community of scholars in pursuit of knowledge and scholarship;
  • Stimulate emerging scholars to work towards carving a space for African Studies in the broader field of scholarship and, in this way, helping African Studies to claim a place right at the center of knowledge production.
Theme: African Studies and Africanists: Whence the Gaze?

The discussions at the CODESRIA/CASB Summer School will be structured along the following three major themes:
  • Normativity: The motivation of the scholar, the choice of the subject and the role of interests and values;
  • Research design and process: The formulation of research questions, the collection and analysis of data, the choice and use of concepts, methods and theories;
  • Output: The presentation and publication of research results and its perception by the scientific community, by decision makers and by a wider public.
The expected outcome from the Summer School is that participants will develop the competence to reflect on their own position within their present and future academic environment, enhance their awareness of the importance of doing so for the relevance and content of their work and develop approaches that allow for a more reflected and reciprocal perspective in their research.

Type: Training/Short course

  • The Summer School is open for PhD students and emerging scholars enrolled and working at Higher Education institutions in any country.
  • Applications from PhD students registered in African and Swiss universities and in the following disciplines are highly encouraged: Social Anthropology, Sociology, History, Religion, Philosophy, Gender studies and Political science.
Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award:
Travel, accommodation and meals during the Summer School will be provided for participants enrolled at institutions in Africa.

Duration of Programme: 14 – 18 September 2020

How to Apply:

  • Those wishing to be considered for participation should submit a five-page concept paper which should highlight: (a) what they are working on (b) how their work relates to the theme of the Summer School;(c) their expectations from the Summer School should they be selected.
  • In addition, applications must be supported by an application letter, a CV, two letters of recommendation from the candidate’s institution of affiliation and a copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Applicants are requested to use the following link to submit their proposals.
Visit the Programme Webpage for Details

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