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jeudi 18 juin 2020

Job opportunities at Douala Grand Mall

Job opportunities at Douala Grand Mall

The "Douala Grand Mall", whose works will be completed in the second quarter of 2020, is the first phase of the mixed-use complex called "Douala Grand Mall and Business Park". It is an ultra-modern shopping mall that will house national and international companies and brands.

After the engineering and construction stages, which will have employed more than 3,200 national staff of different level and professions (architects, urban planners, topographers, engineers, technicians, workers, etc.) It will now be the turn of th site's operational teams, as well as the various tenants, to provide future employment opportunites

160 Brands are expected to occupy the commercial spaces.
During the operation phase, employment opportunities will be generated mainly by:
  • Broll: this is the entity in charge of site operation ("Faculty Management "), including the administration of the mail, BtoB and B to C marketing, management of security services and general building maintenance,
  • The Anchors: brands and main tenants of the Mall, installed on large spaces (more than 1, 500 Sqm), such as Carrefour Market (CFAO Retail), Genesis Group (cinema multiplex) etc
  • Sub-anchors: major retaillers of the Mall, located on medium-sized spaces (over 500 Sqm)
  • Line Shops : consisting of brands installed on surfces of less than 500 Sqm
It is envisaged that during the operational phase , the Douala Grand Mall site will employ peramanently and directly about 1,200 people


If you are interested in a job at the Douala Grand Mall and think you have the right profile to apply, there are several channels offered to you

1. You can send your CVs and cover letters directly to the promoter Douala Retail and Convention Centre (DRRC), via our website DRCC will enter all the applications received into a database, and make it available to all the above mentioned stakeholders/ partners as they become part of the project

2. Your can send your CVs and cover letters directly to the partners who have joined or will join the Douala Grand Mall and whose list, regularly updated,will remain available on our communication platforms (newsletter, website, social media, posters, etc)

In these cases, your application file will be taken into account by the various stakeholders during their recruitment operations

As the process of intergration into the Mall by the different brands is evolutionary, we will keep your files in our database , inorder to make them visible at each new opportunity.

Good luck to all of you.

The DRCC team

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