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lundi 22 juin 2020

Job opportunity: Malaria Data Specialist - US Embassy

Job opportunity: Malaria Data Specialist - US Embassy

ISSUANCE DATE: June 19, 2020

SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Cooperating Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN PSC) – Project Management Specialist (Malaria Data Management)

(Local Compensation Plan)

Dear Prospective Offerors:

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking offers from qualified persons to provide personal services under contract as described in this solicitation (229 KB).

Offers must be in accordance with Attachment 1, Sections I through V of this solicitation. Incomplete or unsigned offers will not be considered. Offerors should retain copies of all offer materials for their records.

This solicitation in no way obligates USAID to award a PSC contract, nor does it commit USAID to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the offers.

Any questions must be directed in writing to the Point of Contact specified in the attached information.


Working in close collaboration with Yaoundé-based PMI/Cameroon team, the USAID/Cameroon Malaria Data
  • Specialist shall assist in the development and implementation of strategies to improve data quality and data sharing,while also establishing a stronger culture of data-informed resource allocation within both the National Malaria Control Program and the PMI/Cameroon program. Internally, the Malaria Data Specialist shall liaise with PMI backstops, as well as Surveillance, Monitoring & Evaluation (SM&E) and Data Integration technical teams at USAID/Washington and CDC/Atlanta, and USAID personnel working within and overseeing the Mission’s activities related to malaria control. Externally, responsibilities include regular contact and collaboration with counterparts in Cameroon’s National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) of the Ministry of Public Health (MOH), the Health
  • Management Information System (HMIS) Unit and other relevant government ministries and agencies, as well as in a wide range of non-governmental and private sector organizations, other donor and international organizations, and other United States Government (USG) entities working in malaria prevention and control. As appropriate, the Malaria Data Specialist will provide managerial and technical support to the NMCP Coordinator and the staff to build capacity within the NMCP in the areas of data analysis and use.
Education & Prior Work Experience:
  • Successful completion of a Master’s degree in applied quantitative discipline such as statistics, economics, computer science, epidemiology, or health informatics from a recognized institution , and a minimum five years 5 years of professional experience applying data visualization, data analysis, and/or business intelligence to inform decision making. 
  • Must have strong knowledge of data wrangling, analysis and visualization practices. Demonstrated ability to securely and efficiently manage large, disparate datasets, and problem-solving skills working on complex projects in a highly sensitive environment are required. Level IV English language and Level III French language is required.
Language proficiencies will be tested.


MARKET VALUE: CFA 19,340,869– CFA 32,879,471 equivalent to FSN-11 In accordance
with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of Cameroon. Final compensation will be negotiated within the market value.

Note: The US Mission does not accept faxed or paper applications for open positions. All interested applicants who meet the minimum requirements, must submit applications via email to

All applicants must cite the position title and solicitation number within the subject line, and attach a cover letter, current resume with at least three references of direct supervisors within the last five months from applicant’s professional life, relevant certificates, and a two-page supplementary document addressing the evaluation factors. Attachments must include a signed Form AID 302-3 offeror information for PSC available at and must be in a format
compatible with Microsoft word 2003/2010 or pdf.

This position is open to Cooperative Country Nationals (an individual who is a Cameroonian citizen – or a nonCameroonian citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in Cameroon. All applicants must provide proof of eligible citizenship in their application. Non-Cameroonian citizens must attach copies of their permanent residency permit to their application to be eligible for consideration. No relocation expenses are provided to the job location,Yaoundé-Cameroon.

If transportation to Yaoundé is required, it will be the employee’s responsibility. Failure to
provide the stated requirements will result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
This publication provides synopsis of solicitation. Please log on to the following websites for all position requirements, position elements and position description
Closing Date: July 5, 2020
USAID/WA anticipates awarding one Personal Service Contract (PSC) regarding this announcement. Please note
that this does not constitute any guarantee that a PSC will be awarded as result of this announcement

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