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dimanche 17 mars 2019

Learn how to create a professional blog with blogger

 In the digital age, soft skills like web blogging are only becoming more important. This training program focusses on the creation and animation of a professional Blog using Blogger

👨‍🏫 Course: Learn how to create Professional Blog
👨‍💻Type: Online Course + Certificate
Language of instruction: English
📚 Prerequisites: No prior knowledge necessary
💵 Training Cost:  10 000 FCFA

Détails of the training

Chapter I : General Introduction

  • General Introduction
  • Differences between a Blog and a Website

Chapter II : Creation and Personalization of your blog

  • Introduction to Blogger
  • How to Create a GMail Account
  • How to create a Blogger account
  • The Dashboard menu
  • The Article menu
  • Changing the Blog Template_part 1
  • How to fix the ''XML error'' message
  • Differences between pages and articles
  • How to create pages on Blogger
  • How to change the Favicon on Blogger
  • How to change the Header logo on Blogger
  • How to add links to the Main menu pages
  • How to add a drop down menu on the main menu
  • How to create a contact me page
  • Adding and removing gadgets on blogger
  • How to add a facebook plugin on blogger
  • How to add a twitter plugin on blogger

Chapter III : Articles and Text

  • How to create an effective blog post 
  • The Search Engine Optimization 
  • How to optimize your search engine

Chapter IV : Animate your blog

  • Embedding Youtube Videos on Blogger
  • Adding PDF, Word and Powerpoint documents on Blog posts
  • How to add the ''Print Article Widget'' on Blogger
  • How to insert tables on Blog posts

Chapter V : The notion of Community management

  • Relay your blog on social medias
  • How to generate traffic for your blog
  • Interprete your blog statistics
  • Hosting your blog

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