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mardi, avril 07, 2020

TrOW: Call for Applications - Launching of the 3rd session in professional specialization 2020

Approval by Decree N ° 079/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD

In line with the measures to combat unemployment initiated by the Head of State of Cameroon through professionalization, the Professional Training Center Transforming Our World (CFP-TrOW) launches the 3rd selection session in professional specialization for License graduates (academic and professional), Master (academic and professional) and PhD
Professional specialization concerns the exercise of trades related to the environment, company safety, project management, entrepreneurship, statistics, data management, geomatics, food processing, waste management, event industry. The specialties concerned are listed below :

Specialties Corresponding

Management and development of projects Company manager, Project manager, Project coordinator, Administrative manager, Entrepreneur ; Responsible for studies; Project manager
2 Quality, Health, Safety and Environment HQSE Agent, HQSE Manager, HQSE Technician, HQSE Coordinator, EHS Technician, EHS Animator
3 Statistics and database management database Manager, Database administrator, Agent data collection, Data analyst, Data entry operator

GIS mapping and image processing applied to remote sensing GIS map maker, GIS field operator, Satellite imagery analyst, Geographic database administrator, Land use consultant

Environmental education and sustainable development Animator, Environmental educator, Coordinator of environmental education projects, Animator of environmental education network, Process manager, Socio-educational project manager

Environmental assessment and social Environmental and social safeguarding specialist, Responsible for environmental and social compliance, ESIA consultant, Responsible for studies, Project manager


Management of the food industry
Responsible for agricultural projects, Responsible for study in agro-industry, Farmer, Agro-pastoral entrepreneur, Responsible for commercial development, Agri-food consultant, Agricultural development agent


Waste management
Maintenance and sanitation technician, Maintenance and urban cleaning technician, Environmental animator, Wastewater treatment plant manager, Water and sanitation technician


Event management
Site director, Project director tourists, Communication officer, Tourist guide, Supermarket manager, Event project manager, Customer representative, Booking officer, Commercial agent

The duration of each specialization is 9 months. The specialization begins on Monday July 13, 2020 and will be alternated between theoretical and practical courses. Specialization is sanctioned by a Diploma issued by MINEFOP (Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training).

Interested candidates can submit their physical file to the following address:

2257 Rue 7331 Yaoundé 3 (Rue Olympique, located between Carrefour Olympique and Shell Nsimeyong, opposite the tiled building)

Digital applications must be sent to [email protected] with a copy of all the documents making up the file (contact one of the numbers below beforehand for the costs of studying the file).

Applicants receive a response to their submission within a maximum of 2 weeks after the submission of the application. The preselected candidates will have to pass an interview and those selected will finalize their registration within 1 month.

The constituent parts of the file are: 
  • A cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  • A photocopy of the National Identity Card (ID) 
  • Photocopy of Diploma or Degree certificate of achievement 
  • The photocopies of supporting documents for the information included in the CV (Diplomas, Certificates, Certificates, Contracts, etc.) 
  • A sum of 5 000 FCFA representing the costs of studying the file. 
NB: No part needs to be certified. When filing, provide originals of documents for direct verification.

For any other information, contact the following numbers: 693879647, 691722548, 679743460, 679924607 or by email at [email protected]

Download the Press Release (English)

Download CFP-TrOW Brochure (French)

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