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lundi 24 août 2020

IFYAR Innovation and Invention Challenge 2020

IFYAR Innovation and Invention Challenge 2020


IFYAR innovation challenge 2020

As part of the first edition of the International Fair for Young African Researcher (IFYAR 2020), the Scientific Center for Health (SCH) is pleased to invite interested youth, students, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to submit innovation proposals under the IFYAR Innovation and Invention Challenge.

The IFYAR Innovation and Invention Challenge aims to strengthen African innovation capacity and promote technology breakthroughs by enabling innovators access much needed technical and financial support in various areas including developing prototypes, proof of concept, pilot/testing, commercializing technologies as well as securing intellectual property.

This Challenge will prioritise innovative and scalable solutions for selection in the categories of Product, Service and/or Social Innovation in the IFYAR thematic area (Health, Agriculture, Social, Energy, Industry, Mining, Environment & Climate Change, ICT …). The opportunity will be given to selected applicants to present their innovations/inventions to a panel of experts and showcase them in a dedicated area during the three (3) days of the fair.


  • Seed funding grants of up to 5 000 000 CFA Francs for the best innovation/invention, 2 000 000 for the second and 1 000 000 for the third;
  • Mentorship support;
  • Public recognition and opportunity to network with decision-makers, government and business leaders.
Eligibility criteria

African youth, students, scientists, researchers, and innovators.

How to apply?
  • A complete application form;
  • A 1-page reference letter (including the contact details of the person) as an endorsement of your solution i.e. a letter from either a client/customer/investor/mentor or service provider (PDF Only);
  • Upload any relevant technical specifications (if applicable, PDF Only) ;
  • A short (absolute maximum 2-minute) video that covers the following points: Your name; your country of origin; the problem and the solution. If your solution is a product or device, then it is recommended you include it in the video;
  • A copy of your CV (PDF Only);
  • A copy of your ID card or the page in your passport that displays all passport details (PDF Only.

  • Relevance (the extent to which the proposed innovation/invention aligns with the selected theme and addresses African development issues);
  • Innovation (the extent to which the proposed activity suggests and explores creative and original approaches); and
  • Scalability (whether the innovation/invention is scalable to a general population).
Award of grants will be based on merit – i.e. on the strength of the application.

  • Applications should be submitted online. Deadline 31th August 2020
  • Selected applicants will be notified by 30th September 2020.

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