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lundi 10 août 2020

Soulidarity COVID-19 fund for African Musicians

Soulidarity COVID-19 fund for African Musicians
Soulidarity COVID-19 fund for African Musicians

Application Deadline: 21th of August 2020 midnight

The fund seeks to help African musicians who have experienced financial losses due to the COVID-19 crisis. Successful applicants will receive between $1 800 to $4 500 as a one-time relief payment. The funds will be distributed to the selected participants through their managers or agencies.

  • You will be eligible to receive a relief payment depending on the amount of money we will raise together.
  • The relief fund wants to provide each musician with an amount raging between 1800€ – 4500€ depending on how many shows lost. Payments can only be made if money is collected. – If we collect less the fund will pay percentual less than collected. If we collect more we will be able to fund more artists!

1. only managers or the mother agent can submit applications on behalf of a band or artist
2. the musicians must be resident in Africa
3. the musicians must be an international touring act and can confirm lost shows in Europe, America, Oceania or Asia in the period from March to December 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.
4. the musicians must provide and share content for social media and more as listed in our artist’s guide: English or French version.
5. terms & conditions (in english and french) for submitting an artist

ApplicationPlease follow this link: artist application (English & French) to submit your acts
Make sure you have the following documents ready:
– Copy of passports of all band members.
– Proof of band members: stage set up or technical rider as a proof for the band members listed in the application process.
– Proofs of confirmed/canceled shows
Application extended until 21th of August 2020 midnight!!!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Soulidarity COVID-19 fund for African Musicians
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