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jeudi 15 octobre 2020

AFENET is recruiting: 09 vacant posts

AFENET is recruiting: 09 vacant posts
AFENET is recruiting: 09 vacant posts

Application deadline: Thursday October 22, 2020

The African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) is a non-profit organization established in
2005 with a mission to improve human health through the strengthening and expansion of applied
epidemiology and laboratory capacity in partnership with Ministries of Health, Non-Governmental
Organizations, international agencies, private sector and other public health agencies. AFENET
has its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda with operations in more than 30 African Countries.
The African Union, established as a unique Pan African continental body, is charged with
spearheading Africa’s rapid integration and sustainable development by promoting unity,
solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among the peoples of Africa and African States as well as
developing a new partnership worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, capital city
of Ethiopia.

Officially launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2017 as a specialized technical institution of the
African Union, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) is Africa’s
first continent-wide public health agency. Africa CDC envisions a safer, healthier, integrated and
stronger Africa, where Member States are capable of effectively responding to outbreaks of
infectious diseases and other public health threats. The agency’s mission is to strengthen Africa’s
public health institutions’ capabilities to detect and respond quickly and effectively to disease
outbreaks and other health burdens through an integrated network of continent-wide preparedness
and response, surveillance, laboratory, and research programs. Towards meeting its mission, the
Africa CDC will work with African Union member States, WHO, and partners in the five
geographic sub-regions of Africa to strengthen their capacity in five strategic priority areas: (1)
public health surveillance and disease intelligence; (2) public health emergency preparedness and
response; (3) public health laboratory systems and networks; (4) public health information and
technology systems; and (5) public health research and public health institutes. In general, the
ultimate purpose with this Strategic Plan, in line with Agenda 2063, is to attain an integrated and
prosperous Africa that has healthy, well-nourished citizens with long life spans by controlling
and/or eradicating all communicable and non-communicable diseases.

In seeking to achieve this objective, the Africa CDC in partnership with AFENET intends to
strengthen its capacity to deliver by, among others, the reinforcement of its organizational structure
and expertise.

Program Management Officer at AFENET

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