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mardi 29 décembre 2020

Avis de recrutement: 03 postes vacants - Action Contre la Faim


Avis de recrutement: 03 postes vacants - Action Contre la Faim


Action Against Hunger has been present in Cameroon since 1998. Since 2014, our interventions are mainly in the Eastern Region and the Far North of the country on emergency programs initiated with Central African refugees and affected host communities by socio-political unrest in CAR and violence related to Boko Haram activity in the Lake Chad region. ACF has set up long-term nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene programs with the support of ECHO and SIDA for more than 150,000 beneficiaries. Since the end of 2018, ACF, under the name of Action Against Hunger (AAH), is also present in the South-West, in support of the crisis that rages in this region.

Our 2020 strategy is based on responding to immediate humanitarian needs and contributing to economic recovery and strengthening resilience and social cohesion in Cameroon.

There are 140 employees on the mission, spread over 5 bases: Batouri in the East, Maroua and Kousseri in the Far North, Buéa in the South West and coordination in Yaounde.

Cameroon is a fairly stable country. However, Buéa remains an area of great vigilance with the presence of Boko Haram fractions on the border with Nigeria, even if the INGOs are not directly targetted. The security context remains unstable with frequent lockdowns. 

The size of the team is relatively low (2 mobile clinics turning in the field, with around 20 staffs overall). 

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  1. Comment faire pour postuler et quels en sont les conditions?

  2. Ce groupe est très cool, d'après avoir lu ces règlements et conditions je trouve que c'est un bon groupe.

  3. Bonjour. Svp comment postuler ce poste??? Merci

  4. J'en suis intéressé,jeune camerounais,titulaire du baccalauréat A

  5. Téléphone 691096767(+237),whatsapp


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