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samedi 26 décembre 2020

Mass recruitment of home tutor at KENTEACHERS


Mass recruitment of home tutor at KENTEACHERS

If you are an Amazing Home Tutor who wants to leverage on our free trainings and improve on your professional development while making good money, then keep reading!" We have a job for you....

Job Title: Home tutors

Number of places:  20


Kenteachers is a placement platform that specialises in home turtoring and as an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic home join it's dynamic team. These positions are well suited to individuals that are looking to advance their careeres in teaching in a thriving and supportive  environment.

Successful applicants will work closely in all areas of teaching/learning, to enhance the academic achievement of tutees a kenteachers achieve set targets. These exciting positions offer a unique opportunity to progress into higher roles found within the organisation.


Applicants must hold one of the following Certificates:

  • Master's Degree or its equivalent
  • First Degree or its equivalent
  • Ordinary Level plus a Teachers Training Certificate (Grade)

Application Procedure:

Visit the following link to apply  

for more information you can call us on  683148704 / 698584978

or email us at

NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi

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