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dimanche, janvier 03, 2021

Job opportunity: Registered nurse

Job opportunity: Registered nurse

Announcement Number: Yaounde-2020-029

Hiring Agency: Embassy Yaounde

Position Title: Registered Nurse

Open Period: 12/30/2020 - 01/13/2021 Format MM/DD/YYYY

Vacancy Time Zone: GMT+1

Series/Grade: LE - 0510 9

Salary: XAF FCFA15,666,826

Work Schedule: Full-time -

Promotion Potential: LE-9

Duty Location(s): 1 in Yaounde, CM

Telework Eligible: No

For More Info: [email protected]


The incumbent serves as the post’s nurse with responsibilities that include the medical care of Mission employees and eligible family members under the Bureau of Medical Services approved clinical guidelines, as well as maintenance and inventory of all medical equipment and supplies, implementation of a robust vaccination program, administration of group and individual health education programs, and medical emergency contingency planning for the Mission. The incumbent will work in the Medical Unit under the direct supervision of the Regional Medical Officer (RMO) or Medical Provider (MP). 100%

Qualifications and Evaluations

  • EXPERIENCE: A minimum of two (2) years of post-qualification work as a professional nurse is required.
  • JOB KNOWLEDGE: The incumbent must possess critical-thinking skills and comprehend Bureau of Medical Services (MED) policies and procedures regarding medical evacuations, hospitalizations and insurance reimbursement methodology. Must maintain current knowledge of local and regional medical services that can provide care for all acuity levels, including betted specialists and hospitals. Is a resource for arranging the best method to transport critically ill patients and maintains a working relationship with transport facilities.
Education Requirements:
  • Degree (Registered Nurse-RN Level) in Nursing or Diploma/Certificate equivalent from an accredited School of Nursing. Must possess and maintain a valid nursing license or a current unrestricted Registered Nursing license from the host nation, country of origin, or the U.S.
  • LANGUAGE: Level III (Good Working Knowledge) speaking/reading/writing English language is required. Level III (Good Working Knowledge) speaking/reading French language is required. This will be tested.
  • SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The position requires strong interpersonal skills and a client-oriented disposition capable of dealing with a complexity interactive challenges in difficult and emotional situations. Must have a solid working knowledge of MED’s RN Clinical Practice Guidelines and be familiar with American Nursing Standards of Care. Must be able to perform basic word processing on computer. This may be tested.
  • EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO): The U.S. Mission provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.
All applicants under consideration will be required to pass medical and security certifications.


All applications must be submitted online, through the Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) system, to be considered.

NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi

21 commentaires:

  1. Good evening Departement of State
    I'm a State Registered Midwife with 5years working expérience
    I will like to join you Institut in the futur

  2. Je suis infirmière je voudrait postuler à ce poste

  3. Good evening department of state
    Am a nursing assistant with more than 2years experience in a surgerical domain with an advanced level.
    I will like to be part of your Institute if am being granted thanks

  4. Je suis infirmiere et je suis tres interessée par ce poste
    Mon tel: 693078541

  5. Bonsoir département d'État je suis sage femme et j'aimerais avoir les modalités pour postuler svp. Je vous remercie

  6. Je suis infirmière je voudrais postuler pour cette offre comment faire ?

  7. Bsr je suis de nationalité camerounaise infirmière de profession inscrite à lordre je voudrais postuler cmt faire svp

  8. Bonjour je infirmière de nationalité camerounaise ,inscrite à l'ordre . Comment faire pour postuler s'il vous plaît ?

  9. Bjr à vous je suis infirmière diplômé d'état principal,de nationalité camerounaise,inscrite à l'ordre ayant 2 d'expérience,comment postuler à cette offre s'il vous plaît?merci

  10. Bonjour suis intéressé par l offre quel est la procédure

  11. Bsr à vous je suis Infirmiere Diplomée d'Etat j'aimerai adhérer à votre offre comment faire svp?merci.

  12. Bonjourje suis intéressépar votre annonce. Je infirmier supérieur spécialisé en anesthésie réanimation depuis plus de 7 ans. 675115876

  13. Bonjourje suis intéressépar votre annonce. Je infirmier supérieur spécialisé en anesthésie réanimation depuis plus de 7 ans. 675115876

  14. Bjr ici je suis aide soignante généraliste

  15. Bonjour je suis aide soignante généraliste et je suis intéressée par l'offre svp comment postuler ?

  16. Hello, I am a nurse and I would like to apply for this job

  17. Bsr je suis infirmiere diplome detat et principale, ayant 2ans d'experience. Inscrite a l'ordre. Mon tel est le 699515062

  18. Bjr à vous je suis infirmière principale comment faire pour postuler à l'offre svp?

  19. Bonsoir à vous. Est-ce que cette offre est toujours valide?

  20. Bonsoir à vous. Est-ce que cette offre est toujours valide?


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