Call for application: Security Officer / Watchman

BettaHealth Cameroon
Call for application: Security Officer / Watchman


Security Officer / Watchman
Reports to: Administrative & Finance Officer
Place of Work: Yaounde – Nkozoa
Number of Positions: Two (2)


Under the supervision of the Administrative & Finance Officer, the Security Officer / Watchman will have to carry out surveillance and guarding activities in the facility, according to BettaHealth’s protocols and security rules, in order to ensure the safety and security of all patients, staff and premises. And among other things, work as a Janitor to ensure regular routine cleaning of the office including the medical units.


  • Be available, courteous and polite to patients/Clients
  • Surveying the Facility premise’s access and guides people to reception within authorized hours
  • Contacting the administration team for authorizing people access
  • Watching facility premises and property's perimeter fence through regular patrols.
  • Remaining on duty until other watchman comes to do a handover, never leaving the post unattended
  • Organizing traffic of vehicles within the premises and directs them in and out
  • Checking that the doors and windows are locked and lights are off when people leave premises
  • Checking that security lights are working properly and informing administration of any possible problems
  • Keeping area within the facility premises clean and tidy (eg. empty dustbins, sweep paths, etc.) and performs general maintenance activities of the garden (eg. cut grass, maintain flower beds, prune trees if necessary, etc.)
  • Maintaining watchmen's torch and other lighting tools, returning used batteries and keeping the necessary supply of spare batteries
  • Supervising diesel/petrol tank levels and providing spare can(s) of fuel. Ensuring the correct
  • functioning of generator and water pumps (starting, switching off, record sheet of operating hours and maintenance) as well as the correct use of extinguishers (being aware of their location)
  • Informing the administration of arrival of any materials before unloading and helping the facility staff carry heavy items, if necessary
  • Sweep, mop, and/or vacuum rugs and floors in all rooms on a daily basis
  • Empty trash receptacles on a daily basis. Remove all trash and clutter from hallways and common areas as needed. Properly dispose of papers and waste as required, shredding official documents
  • Professional Healthcare Where & When You Need It
  • With guidance from the administration, track cleaning inventory and notifies the administration when supplies are needed in a timely manner to ensure that stocks do not run out
  • Immediately request repairs and report to the administration broken equipment, loose doorknobs, clogged toilets, replacement bulbs and other issues
  • Be In charge of the BettaHealth facility security in Nkozoa – Yaounde
  • No armed persons are allowed in the facility
  • In charge of the facility access (people and cargo) in and out from the facility, registering in the visitor’s book the name of the visitor and the number of his identity card if is not a BettaHealth staff member
  • Staff on weekends/out from working hours to the facility, watchman on duty calls/notifies the respective supervisor of the staff and let him/her to come inside, details of the staff must be recorded on the visitor registry book
  • Responsible of the outside facility illumination. Night watchman is in charge to switch On and Off of the lights outside the facility. Should observe all the security lights and report immediately to the incoming watchmen (as well note it in the handover book) if there are any faulty ones.
  • Watchmen are equipped with torch and a mobile phone. He is responsible to call the administration if any security issues
  • Night watchman is in charge to ensure the kitchen and main entrance doors are close by the last person leaving the gound-floor premises
  • Watchman is responsible to call the administration if any security problem arises in the facility or nearby
  • At each change of shift, the outgoing and incoming watchmen should make a walk of handover within the premises (go through the checklist of existing equipment in the base and verify of the security of the compound). In the event of any irregularities, the watchmen must record it in the watchmen logbook. If it is an urgent matter, immediately inform the administration
  • Basic First School Leaving Certificate, GCE Ordinary level preferable; Capacity to read and write
  • Essential working experience as watchman/guard of at least one year
  • Fluency in French and English
  • Commitment to BettaHealth’s Principles; Behavioural Flexibility; Stress Management
  • Teamwork and Cooperation; Service Orientation
  • Permanent contract
  • Competitive salary proposals
  • An Application letter, addressed to the Administrative & Finance Officer of BettaHealth Cameroon
  • A CV; Names and addresses of 3 Reference/Guarantor persons
  • Copies of academic qualifications
The file bearing the title of the position should be deposited at the following address:
BettaHealth Cameroon

Entrée Ministre – Nkozoa, Yaounde
Phone: (237) 655 455 631
Or send via email to mentioning on the subject: SECURITY OFFICER / WATCHMAN

No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Only the selected candidates will be
subsequently invited to take an interview.


NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi

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