Recruitment of 400 United Nations Junior parliamentarians

Recruitment of 400 United Nations Junior Diplomats
The United Nations Junior Diplomats (10-14years), Junior Deputy’s (15-20 years), Junior High
Commissioners (21-24Years), and Junior Senators (25-35 years) on behalf of United Nations
Association Cameroon announces to all young Cameroonians both in the Country and Diaspora that the
competitive entrance into the General Junior Assembly of Cameroon for United Nations has been
launched in the North West Region (Interested Candidates from other regions should indicate in their application) for all the divisions and need 400 Young representatives
on the terrain, 100 per chamber that is 100 Junior Diplomats with at least a FSLC, 100 Junior Deputies
with at least O/L, 100 Junior High Commissioners with at least A/L and 100 Junior Senators with at
least a Bachelor degree for the 2022/2023 Parliamentary year. More information is on the Entrance
Release; get to the contacts below to get more information on call and via WhatsApp.

Entry is through entrance exam & orals and eligibility is through the following requirements:
  • Hand written application addressed to the Founder President of UNA Cameroon
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • National ID card photocopy (NID, Passport, or student ID) for the various program
  • Four 4*4 passport size photograph
  • Receipt of Integration fees of 10, 000frscfa
  • Parental authority for those below 20 years
  • Highest certificate obtained
  • Birth Certificate photocopy
  • Any reference document(Optional)

Registration Procedure
  • Payment of 10,000frs registration fees to 679056738- Nkepo Godwill Vewa or 656052454- Nkepo Godwill Vewa the Chief Regional Delegate for ACNU Northwest Region
  • Once done, kindly send a screenshot to the above number and your receipt will be issued
  • Constitute your files scan and send the soft copy to and and the hard copies to be submitted submitted in a non addressed A4 envelope on the date of exams
  • Prepare for your exams both Written and Orals

Tutorial Hand out (Optional) are available

Note!!: All documents should be assembled in a file carrying the reference code: CDNWREB21

Deadline for registration: 31st October 2021 at 18:00 pm

Exam Date: Written Part 9th of November 2021 and Orals will be from the 16th to 18th November 2021.

For more information contact:
Tel: (+237) 679 056 738, (+237) 656 052 454, (+237) 652 205 871, (+237) 670 713 383.

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