Call for application: Writing environmental web articles

Call for application: Writing environmental web articles
Call for application: Writing environmental web articles

Description of assignment title : Writing Environmental Web Articles

Assignment country : Cameroon

Expected start date : Invalid Date

Sustainable Development Goal


For how many hours per week will the volunteer be required? 1 - 5


Mission and objectives

Since 3rd November, 2011, ASCOA has been dedicated to improving the awareness of the local community on HIV/AIDS and its related stigma, promoting peace building in the society, fostering environmental protection and the fight against climate change, supporting children, and empowering women and girls in order to improve their socio-economic participation and boost their wellbeing. We envision a world free of HIV/AIDS, where people are neither stigmatized nor discriminated upon due to their HIV status; a world where women are empowered and children are protected; a world where peace reigns and people live in an environment free of pollution and global warming.


You will choose the 3 topics to write about and submit them for approval. ASCOA team will follow closely with you on the progress of your articles writing. The number of words for each web article can vary between 1500 and 4500 words. Each of the 3 web articles will be given a 1 month time frame for completion.

Task description

The volunteers would need to write 3 web articles each about any of the following topics: - Land Garbage - Marine Debris - Landfill Sites - E-Waste - Waste-to-Energy - Renewable Energy - Climate Change - Sewage Treatment - Ozone Depletion - Air Pollution - Waste Recycling - Deforestation - Overfishing - Lowered Biodiversity - Acid Rain - Ocean Acidification - Agriculture - Animal Waste - Radioactive Waste - Environmental Economics - Digital Waste


Required experience
  • Ability to apply the correct use of English grammar - Excellent quality of writing - Research skills
  • English, Level: Working knowledge, Required
Advertisement end date:27/12/2021


NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi

Creez votre CV professionnel en quelques minutes !

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  1. Please no contact or address for this article?? Because I am highly interested


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