Avis de recrutement: 09 Postes à pouvoir - Caritas NWSW Cameroon


Avis de recrutement: 09 Postes à pouvoir - Caritas NWSW Cameroon
Avis de recrutement: 09 Postes à pouvoir - Caritas NWSW Cameroon

Job vacancies available at Caritas


Caritas NWSW is the specialized agency of the Bishops of the Church Province of Bamenda that is coordinating development and Humanitarian interventions.

Caritas in the Church Province of Bamenda has rapidly grown into the league of foremost development institutions in the NWSW. Clearly evident in her tracts is the increasing number of lives and communities that have been impacted or transformed through her interventions.

Leveraging the Church’s structure Caritas NWSW serves as the umbrella organization for all the Diocesan Caritas of the Church in the Ecclesia Province through which the implementation of development-oriented programs and humanitarian interventions are carried out.

Caritas NWSW is also a member of Caritas Cameroon and Caritas Internationalis that share a common mission and have literally touched every part of the world over the last century

CARITAS NWSW is hiring the services of both men and women that are of working age into the following managerial/responsibility positions for the implementation of the above objectives of this project in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

  • Project manager
  • Senior finance officer
  • Finance and administrative assistant
  • Field officer 02
  • Distribution volunteers (NW and SW)
  • Community volunteers (NW and SW)
  • Drivers (Bamenda & Buea)
  • House keepers (Bamenda & Buea)

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Forward a typed copy of motivational letter and Resume (curriculum vitae) to the Human Resource via the email address caritasnwsw2022@yahoo.com OR deposit hard copies of the listed documents at the Human resource office of CARITAS NWSW Head Office Cathedral Big Mankon – Bamenda Archdiocese

End date: 7th January 2022

NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi

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