Call for application: Telecommunication technician

Call for application: Telecommunication technician
Call for application: Telecommunication technician

Zeus Technology Hiring Telecommunications Technician

We are seeking a motivated, experienced individual to join our Company as a Telecommunications Technician.

As part of our team, you work directly with clients in installing, repairing, and upgrading telecommunications technology and infrastructure. This may involve everything from traditionnal phone lines and fiber optics to wireless technologiies. This position requires you to have broad technical kwoledge of communications technologies, both traditional and emerging, strong attention to detail, and excellent organizational and communications skills. Our ideal candidate has at least technical Advance level/BACC technique or first degree in telecommunications or a related field(technical), in addition to prior consulting experience.

Telecommunications Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work  with clients to determine their current telecommunications capapbilities and future needs
  • Visit worksites to install, repair, or upgrade telecommunications equipment and infrastructure
  • Maintain ahigh level of understanding of emerging trends and technologies, especially in relation to security and encryption
  • Develop and implement client technology plans, training relevant stakeholders, and providing actionable roadmaps Telecommunications Technician Requirements and qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in telecommunications, IT, or closely related field
  • Professional experience in an IT consulting role
  • Broad and deep  knowledge of telecommunications equipments NOKIA and HAUWEI, minimum 3 years experience 
  • Excellent attention to detail and communication skills
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