Job announcement: Ground Transportation Coordinator

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Job announcement: Ground Transportation Coordinator 
 Cible RH is looking for Ground Transportation Coordinator  

Activité du poste


Ground transportation Coordinator provides expertise to operating teams. Knowledge and expertise in logistics of ground transportation to deliver safe, reliable and cost efficient operations. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a company’s fleet of vehicles. He ensures that all vehicles are properly maintained, they schedule regular maintenance appointments, and they may even help to coordinate emergency repairs if any of the vehicles in their fleet encounter problems on the road. He often work closely with other members of a company’s Logistics management team to develop strategies for improving efficiency or reducing costs. He may also be tasked with developing new policies or procedures related to vehicle usage within the organization.

Activities :

Typical Job may cover some or all of the responsibilities listed below:

  • Maintaining a fleet inventory of all vehicles owned by the company, including their make and model, purchase date, current mileage, and any outstanding repairs that need to be made
  • Ensuring that all company vehicles are insured and registered
  • Supporting and coordinating Ground Transportation services including Vehicle Scheduling, Maintenance and Tracking. Apply aspects of Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (MVSS). Apply guidelines from Security, ERT Duties.
  • Coordinating with third party vendors to arrange maintenance and repair services for vehicles
  • Maintaining records of fuel usage and mileage for each vehicle in order to prepare invoices for billing purposes
  • Communicating with vendors or customers regarding service appointments for each vehicle
  • Coordinating with insurance companies to file claims for damaged vehicles
  • Reporting vehicle accidents or other incidents involving company vehicles to insurance companies or legal departments as appropriate
  • Coordinating with the accounting department to arrange for payment for services rendered
  • Implementing Fleet operations and maintenance design philosophies including project specifications.
  • Providing technical support and coordination of LPS, OIMS, UIA and audit preparation.
  • Providing technical support and coordination of risk assessments, incident investigation and studies related to fleet management and ground transportation.
  • Supporting coordination of cost management and productivity improvement plans.
  • Supporting operating teams (General Service administrators and Fleet management contractor) for troubleshooting issues and providing operations assistance during peak loads
  • Participating in cross-functional initiatives.
  • Sharing Best Practices and provides feedback for enhancement
  • Providing support and logistic assistance to the local Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Profil du poste 

Background Requirements

There are several qualifications required to obtain a position as Ground Transport coordinator. They include:


  • He is typically required to have a minimum of 2 – 3 years degree in automotive technical/engineering for vehicle and Heavy equipment and/or in logistics/operations management

Training & Experience: 

  • 2/3 Years Degree shall have at least 4 years of experience on Fleet management and or automotive engineering
  • 3/4 Years Degree shall have at least 2 years of experience on Fleet management and automotive engineering ;
  • Ground transportation coordinator typically receive on-the-job training from our client company. This training may include learning the company’s policies and procedures, as well as the software and technology they use. Training may also include shadowing a current coordinator or other company employee to learn the basics of the job.

Skills Requirements 

Communication: you may be responsible for communicating with a variety of individuals, including managers, vendors, third party representatives, insurance agents and other regulatory agencies.

Organization: you may be responsible for scheduling appointments, maintaining records and updating files.

Time management: you will often have multiple tasks to complete in a day, so you need to prioritize your work and manage your time wisely.

Problem-solving: You will often work with multiple departments and teams to ensure the fleet is operating efficiently.

Leadership: You will often work in teams with other FMS provider and other contractors. Leadership skills can help you manage these teams and delegate tasks effectively.

Computer: Strong skills in Microsoft and any preventive maintenance data base software and tools

Capabilities :

  • Demonstrates good planning, scheduling, coordination and administration skills and able to influence without authority at all levels within an organization ;
  • Demonstrates good communication and interpersonal skills to work with contactors and business clients; able to network effectively across organizations.


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