Recrutement à L'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé

L'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé recrute quatre Consultants à court terme pour l’appui technique a la campagne de vaccination contre la rougeole et l’immunisation de routine - (2301234) 
Grade: No grade
Contractual Arrangement: Special Services Agreement (SSA)
Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days): 4 MONTHS
Job Posting: Feb 8, 2023, 2:24:46 PM
Primary Location: Cameroon-Yaounde
Organization: AF_CMR Cameroon
Schedule: Full-time 

Object of the mission 

Consultancy services are needed to ensure effective planning, implementation and monitoring of SIAs and RR2 strengthening. The country received financial support from GAVI to implement these activities, which were delayed due to the COVID19 pandemic. Full-time recruitment of consultants at the national and regional level is necessary to support the GTC-EPI and the 10 regions to ensure effective mobilization of the masses, in particular vulnerable groups (difficult-to-access populations, areas with zero- doses or under-vaccinated…) and that SIAs are implemented with optimal quality.

The consultants will help coordinate, technically guide and oversee the process of planning, implementing and monitoring the campaign and RR2 strengthening activities, including the preparation of the post-campaign evaluation survey.

Specific tasks 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, under the general direction and supervision of the WHO Country Representative and the WHO IVD Focal Point, including the Permanent Secretary of the GTC-EPI, WHO consultants for the measles and rubella monitoring campaign will provide technical assistance for the implementation of the following elements:


  • Participate and provide technical inputs to regular meetings of the National Coordinating Committee
  • Ensure that all sub-committees meet their set objectives/timeframes and react immediately to bottlenecks in close collaboration with the EPI GTC or Regional Technical Group (GTR)
  • Ensure the active involvement and participation of civil society organisations, as well as cultural and religious bodies present in the country/region
  • Coordinate the training of supervisors and health workers at national and subnational levels
  • Prepare weekly updates on the status of catch-up campaign preparations
  • Organize and coordinate supervisors at the central level to support regions to develop and submit timely regional micro-plans and ensure they feed into the national measles plan

Monitoring and control:

  • Ensure that preparation and implementation monitoring is carried out as planned at national and regional level (using the pre-SIA assessment checklist for regions/health facility);
  • Support finalization of tools (score sheets, summary sheet…) for different interventions, strengthening of RR2, intra and post SIA monitoring methodology, agreed SIA tools and timeline
  • Plan and ensure intra-SIA monitoring and rapid post-SIA convenience survey are conducted
  • Ensure that preparations include provisions for vaccination services to be undertaken in accordance with WHO IPC guidelines to minimize transmission of COVID-19.


  • Ensure that all regions submit campaign immunization data within 10 days of the end of the fiscal year
  • Compile a national report to submit to WHO and partners within 10 days of the end of the exercise
  • Follow up with the GTC-EPI and ensure that all responsibilities for implemented activities are compiled and submitted for audit.


  • Weekly summary reports of activities carried out, progress on the tasks assigned above and recommendations on corrective actions
  • Technical reports for all activities for which funds have been disbursed to regions, including progress for accountability purposes
  • Detailed final report of the consultation

Profile and skills required

  • Hold a master's degree in public health / epidemiology or other relevant diploma in the fields concerned and from a recognized university
  • Minimum two years of relevant professional experience in the field of immunization
  • Ability to work closely with government, partners and officials at all levels
  • Good knowledge of the national context of interventions in the health sector, in particular those related to vaccination programs, would be an asset
  • Good communication skills and excellent use of computers and information technology
  • Expert knowledge of French and/or English


  • Organize and document measles-rubella catch-up campaign processes and National Coordinating Committee meetings according to agreed schedule – as assigned
  • Coordinate and ensure the continued functioning of sub-committees for the follow-up campaign – logistics, social mobilization, resource mobilization, surveillance and disease management – ​​as assigned
  • Prepare weekly updates on the status of campaign preparations
  • Organize and coordinate supervisors at central level to support central level and regions during implementation
  • Review campaign operational guidelines at national, regional and operational levels
  • develop and/or revise monitoring tools for SIAs and for strengthening RR2 coverage
  • Organize and coordinate central-level supervisors to support regions to develop and submit regional micro-plans in a timely manner and ensure they fit into the national measles and rubella plan
  • Coordinate training at national, regional and operational level
  • Follow up with central supervisors to ensure that all regions submit campaign immunization data and survey results within 10 days of the end of the fiscal year
  • Prepare all relevant documentation for the post evaluation campaign
  • Ensure in-process and end-of-process monitoring tools are used (support training and implementation using WHO guidelines)
  • Compile a national report to be submitted to partners within 2 weeks of the end of the exercise
  • Follow up with the PPE program and ensure that all responsibilities for implemented activities are compiled and submitted for audit.
  • Final consultation report completed

Final product/deliverables

  • Minutes of the meetings of the National Coordination Committee for the months of March to June 2023
  • Reports from sub-committee meetings showing responses to bottlenecks
  • Weekly updates on campaign progress
  • Supervision Checklist and Reporting Format for Central Supervisor (WHO) Measles and Rubella Monitoring Campaign Planning Guidelines
  • Planning meeting reports for central supervisors
  • Synthesis of regional micro-plans clearly defining regional budgets for the campaign and produced in time for budget consideration
  • Report on training at national, regional and operational levels
  • Regional vaccination campaign data and reports
  • Responsibility of the GTC-PEV available
  • National report available within 2 weeks of end of fiscal year.


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Closing Date: Feb 22, 2023, 11:59:00 PM

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