Recrutement à l'ONG International Action Contre la Faim

Actions Against Hunger is an International Non Governmental Organiztion (NGO), apolitical, non
denominational and non-profit. For our operations in Cameroon, we are looking for: HR & FINANCE TECHNICIAN (MATERNITY COVER) M/F. 

Base: Buea (south west region)
Number of positions : 1
Contract duration: 4 months
start date: 18/08/2023
supervised by: Field Cordinator
Location : Buea 

Mission 1 : Participate in the implementation and monitoring of national HR policies 

Activities :

  • Ensure the implementation and application of HR procedures, strategy and tools
  • Ensure legislative watch of any new decree or law that may affect the HR management of the base.
  • Contribute to the collection of information necessary for the review of HR policies, procedures and tools.
  • Provide technical support in human resources management to managers
  • Check the follow-up of activities in the base

Mission 2 : Participate in the administrative management of national staff and ensure that work is organized in a coherent manner:


  • Manage monthly payroll, contributions and legal declarations (in collaboration with the HR and Finance at coordination)
  • Verify the follow-up of the end dates of employment contracts for all the employees in the base.
  • Update the organisation chart and prepare the monthly HR activity report for the base
  • Checking and drawing up the statistical data for HR management for the Base
  • Participate in the preparation of HR files required in the event of audits and HR reports for local authorities.

Mission 3 : Contribute to the recruitment and training of all employees and promote career management: 


  • Organizing the recruitment of all employees (Job advertising, pre-selection, organization of written tests with the Manager)
  • Participate in the recruitment interviews for employees and technicians
  • Ensuring compliance with procedures, implementation and the respect of the annual evaluation schedule at the base
  • Contributing to the preparation of the consolidated annual training plan for the mission, its implementation and its assessment
  • Organize, participate in and/or lead HR training sessions for teams

Mission 4 : Ensure cash management at the base : 


  • Supervising the cashier for management of secondary cash office (control of journals and accounting documents, replenishments, weekly closing)
  • Monitors the amount of cash in bank, safe and cash box to avoid shortages.
  • Contribute to the monthly cash flow forecast (Collect financial information from the project managers; Prepare the monthly cash flow forecast and send it to coordination)
  • Preparing the monthly closings in SAGA of all cash registers according to Action Against Hungerprocedures.
  • Check the justification of advances made the day before and claim missing invoices from applicants for advances;
  • Checking the information on the invoices and pointing out missing invoices;
  • Codify invoices and record them in the books and in the SAGA accounting software;
  • Check the consistency between digital and physical cash balances.

Mission 5 : Participate in the budgetary management at the base 


  • Plan and organize budget monitoring
  • Carry out the financial validation of the entire base's request for purchases in accordance with the financing plans communicated by the coordination.
  • Make sure that the logistics purchasing procedures are respected when the advance payments are made;
  • Inform the logistics department of the purchasing procedures and the information to be included on invoices.

Mission 6 : Participate in the flow of information and the management of professional relations with internal and external partners 


  • Organizing, participating in and/or leading information meetings with employees
  • Prepare and distribute HR memos to the base
  • Receive possible requests and complaints from employees and inform the Field Coordinator.
  • Participate in meetings with local authorities and national HR agencies (Labour Inspectorate, Employment Delegation, Insurance)
  • Monitor relations with the NSIF, the DGI, etc.

Mission 7 : Supervising and guiding home workers : 


  • Identifying needs and recruiting team members
  • Plan their activities and monitor their proper execution
  • Identifying needs and organizing training for teams
  • Assessing their skills


  • Team management
  • Sense of organization and management of priorities
  • Good analytical skills - sense of diplomacy
  • Strong sense of confidentiality
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good expression skills (oral and written)
  • Mastery of management and IT tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint),
  • Skills in logistics management and purchasing procedures is an asset.

Education and Experience 

  • Higher diploma (GCE A level + ¾ years university) in HR, economics, finance or management sciences ;
  • Strong experience in finance and HR management (2 years ) in a similar area ;
  • HR: knowledge of the basis of collective and individual HR management - Knowledge of the labor code, staff representation, conflict management, payroll and personnel administration, recruitment, training, job and skills management
  • Finance: Financial and accounting management, finance law Commitment to gender equality
  • Commitment to respect and apply Action Against Hunger's gender policy
  • Integrate the gender approach in activities
  • Contribute to a gender-sensitive working environment and avoid discrimination


Action Against Hunger believes that every person with whom it comes into contact, regardless of age,
gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Action Against Hunger will not tolerate abuse and exploitation by staff, related staff, partners or suppliers.
The employee must undergo at least one Safeguarding training, comply with Action Against Hungers
Safeguarding-PSEA policy, enforce it and apply it for the duration of his/her contract.


Our recruitment procedure has 3 key steps :
1. A pre-selection on the basis of the files submitted (only canidates whose skills and experience matches with the profile are selected for the test) ;
2. Written test
3. Oral Interview

For each step, only selected candidates are contacted.
Applications (including a CV, a letter of motivation, and references) must be submitted ONLY using
the LINK or using the code . Indicating the
title of the position and reference BU-HR-072023-01 in subject of application

Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis.
The application should be addressed To the attention of: Head of Human resources department, Action Against Hunger Cameroon

Only selected candidates will be selected for tests and interview.

N:B: Only candidates living in the area of intervention will be considered!

Deadline: 21ST of July 2023.

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