How to win a fully funded scholarship in 2022

How to win a fully funded scholarship in 2021
How to win a fully funded scholarship in 2022

How to win a fully funded scholarship in 2022

Scholarships are generally offered by organizations, associations, NGOs, schools and even by individuals. The majority of the scholarships you will find will be determined on academic merit. Therefore, these scholarships will be very competitive and only the best will be selected.

Here are some tips that can help you get a scholarship.

1. Eligibility criteria

First, make sure that you meet ALL of the terms and criteria of the scholarship in question, namely; School average, level required, documents to provide etc ...
Failure meet just one of the criteria, your application will be rejected and you will have wasted your time and money. So I advise you to apply only to the scholarship for which you meet the criteria.

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2. Letter of admission

Most, if not all, the scholarship sponsor organizations are affiliated with universities. So participation in such a scholarship requires that you have already obtained or be in the process of obtaining an admission letter for the cycle you have chosen (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate) for the current academic year. It's a bit like applying for college admission, like an ordinary student coming to study without scholarship coverage.

3. Application deadlines

Once you are eligible and have had your letter of admission from the University in which you are applying for a scholarship, carefully review the scholarship deadlines. Remember that these scholarships are very strict and competitive and are no exception to the rule for late applications!

4. Apply for many scholarships

You can also apply for several scholarships (provided of course that you meet the eligibility criteria and have your admission letter in hand) at the same time, as this will multiply your chances of success.

5. Provide all required documents

Note that some of the documents required for the scholarship in question could in some cases be the same as those required by the University when applying for admission.

The majority of these scholarships are submitted online. It is therefore important to provide a scan copy of all your diplomas and required documents.

Here are the common documents needed to apply for a scholarship

  • Scholarship application form which can be downloaded directly from the website of the scholarship in question.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your transcripts. A document that shows all your teaching units as well as your results. This document must bear the official stamp of your school. You can present your bachelor's, or master's degrees, depending on the scholarship requirements.
  • Language proficiency. Here, it is about showing that you have mastered the language in which you have chosen to study. This goes through test standards such as IELTS / TOEFL for English, DELE for Spanish, DALF / DELF for French, etc.
  • Cover letter. Here you will explain clearly, briefly and honestly why you need a scholarship. In some cases, this need must be demonstrated by specific documents. For example, the Ashinaga scholarship, requires that the student who applies be an orphan of father or mother. In such a case, you must prove that you are an orphan.
  • Letter of recommendation. This letter provides an organization that sponsors the scholarship with your qualities, skill, intellectual ability, and also reflects your desire to obtain the scholarship. It is always requested that this letter be written by one of your teachers / employers.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Have you ever volunteered for any organization? or have you had an experience that gives you the ability to work in a team and also as a leader? These are very relevant points that can enter your CV. Even if you do not yet have any work experience when you apply for the scholarship, you can just include your educational experiences and personal and social qualities.
Before sending your application,
  • Double check your application form and any other documents for spelling mistakes.
  • Make a copy of the original request
Keep in mind the exact date when you need to send all your documents and make sure you don't miss a thing.

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