DV Lottery 2025 results - How to check my results

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DV Lottery 2025 - How to check my results

The 2025 green card lottery (open from October to November 2023) will delivers its results on Saturday 04 May 2024. To find out if you have been selected, you will need to log in from noon (US East Coast Time) to the lottery website, operated by the Department of State (Office of Consular Affairs).

The DV lottery result check is free. You simply need to connect to the Internet, through a smartphone, mobile phone, tablet or PC.
You will also need:
  1. The confirmation number that was given to you when you registered. (a number like 2022XXXXXXXXXXXX)
  2. Your last name (the one entered at the time of registration)
  3. Your date of birth (the one entered at the time of registration)

Follow the steps below to check your status:

1. Go to the American Lottery website by clicking here.

You will arrive on a page that looks like this one

2. Click the Check Status button on the page that appears, You will arrive on another page that looks like this one:

3. Click the Continue button on the page that appears, You will be in front of a DV Lottery result verification form, Enter:

  • Your confirmation number (You lost it? There is Click here for a solution)
  • Your last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Copy the captcha number into the image that appears to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Click on the “Submit” button
Once validated, you will see one of these two messages or something similar:

  • CANDIDATE HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED: If you are not selected

  • CANDIDATE HAS BEEN SELECTED: If you are selected. You will need to note and save your Case number (a number like 2022AF0000012345) for further process

If you are not yet selected, don't give up hope, you can always sign up for the next Dv lottery session which will be available probably in October 2024 to try your luck again.

Make sure you know how to increase the chances of being selected so that the odds are in your favor in the near future.

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  1. Bjr à vous. Je n'arrive pas à consulter les résultats de la loterie pourtant j'ai toutes les informations et j'ai suivi toutes les instructions que vous avez donné

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