Immigrating to Canada: Canadian Lottery Opening soon

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Immigrating to Canada: Canadian Lottery Opening soon

You may have already seen the Canadian visa lottery on some web pages or on social networks, and you may have been looking to apply. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the Canadian visa lottery, as the Canadian government does not issue visas by lottery.

There are many websites offering to immigrate to Canada through a lottery program, which does not exist.

These sites are promoted on social networks and are easily accessible on search engines. They promise people who subscribe to this so-called lottery that they will be able to settle in the country in return for a financial contribution of 100,000 francs or even more.

These sites are so well designed that they can deceive the uninitiated and those who are not familiar with immigration procedures.

They even go so far as to praise Canada, generously praising its health and education systems and the standard of living of its people.

Unlike the American lottery, which gives the right of residence in the United States and whose granting is dependent on the chance of the lottery, in Canada, immigrants are chosen. They are selected by immigration programmes.

While there may not be a Canada 2021 Visa lottery as you had hoped, as mentioned earlier, there are several possible immigration programs with different criteria that you can take advantage of. This could be your dream if your dream is to move to Canada. For example, for the Temporary Resident Category, which allows visitors, students or people who come for medical reasons to stay in Canada for an authorized period of time.

Documents needed to immigrate to Canada

Here are some Canadian immigration programs;

Family Sponsorship

First, we have the Family Sponsorship Program, which allows people with family or friends residing in Canada to be sponsored for immigration.

Quebec Experience Class

The Quebec Experience Class allows international students and foreign workers with study or work experience in Quebec to settle permanently in the province.

Admission to Universities in Canada

Canadian Experience Class

Another Canadian immigration program is the Canadian Experience Class program, which is designed to encourage applicants with Canadian educational, professional or technical work experience to immigrate permanently.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

The Investors and Entrepreneurs programs are designed for applicants with outstanding net worth and business experience. Therefore, as a high net worth individual, you will be asked to make investments in Canada, thereby enriching the Canadian economy.


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