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Meilleures plateformes de formation en ligne
Meilleures plateformes de formation en ligne

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking control of your academic life and learning at your own pace without putting pressure on yourself. There is no better and easier way than to take online courses.

Whether you want to learn new skills or just explore a subject for fun, online learning platforms are a great and easily accessible resource. As an alternative to online universities, these platforms tend to be a little more flexible and may even offer more specific or unusual courses that you might not find at a university.

Here are some of my recommendations for the best online learning platforms.

F2CAD academy

F2CAD academy is an online training site entirely dedicated to professionals in the construction industry.

It helps to increase your professional performance, especially through training in Computer Aided Drafting, CAD and Computer Aided Design CAD software, which it provides.

The cost of the training is affordable compared to the know-how you get in return and the courses are given in French and English so that everyone can attend.


YouTube is a video hosting website and social media platform where users can upload, watch, comment, rate and share streaming videos. Today, YouTube is full of possibilities, and is a very reliable way through which you can do your learning. On top of that, most content creators on YouTube often offer free training courses that can help you learn many things.

TED Conference.

You've probably already heard of TED talks. These short but powerful lectures are now an institution in the world of information.

Following TED talks is like having access to the best content on almost any topic: science, social issues, technology, personal development, business and more. You can filter lectures by topic, languages, duration (handy when you only have 5 minutes to spare).


Openclassrooms initially offered training for web professions. Over time, the platform has expanded its offer to entrepreneurship, marketing and science. Ideal for learning the basics of a trade, application or software, Openclassrooms develops courses in-house, but also calls on quality partners and major universities.
In concrete terms, the platform offers free and paid training. The free offer allows you to follow courses with peer-reviewed practice and to have access to 5 videos per week, discussion forums

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MasterClass is a platform where experts publish tutorials and lectures, which students and even professionals who want to improve their skills can follow
If you want to be a pro in your field, there's no better way than to learn directly from people who have already succeeded.
Master Class offers courses that put actors, writers, artists, musicians and other world-class personalities in the teacher's seat.
And these are not one-off 'lecture' courses: most courses are twenty lessons long, just like a traditional course, so you can immerse yourself in the subject of your choice.
These courses are video-based, with practical advice and demonstrations mixed in with lectures, workbooks and discussions.


Skillshare is an American online learning community for people who want to learn from instructional videos.
The courses, which are not accredited, are available by subscription.
This means that students who sign up can take as many or as few courses as they wish during their subscription period. The current price is $32 per month, or if you pay a year in advance, the cost is $168.
The majority of the courses focus on interaction rather than teaching, with the main aim of learning by doing a project. The main categories of courses are creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology and many other subjects

However, the platform also offers a range of free courses, from short 20-minute videos to longer tutorials of an hour or more. They are not as in-depth, but they are a good way to get some really interesting training.


Founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012, the E.d.x platform now has over 20 million learners. It offers a selection of free courses from leading international schools such as Berkeley, Harvard and the Sorbonne.
Computer science, leadership, communication, engineering, language, psychology, writing, the subjects available on E.d.x are very varied.

Classified by subject, experience level and language, the MOOCs are quickly sorted according to the learner's needs. A detailed description of each programme is available to provide an overview of the course. A perfect learning tool for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge on a daily basis.


Created in 2009, this training platform brings together no less than 130,000 online courses developed by over 42,000 trainers. It offers a wide range of low-cost training programmes as well as a selection of completely free courses.

The digital platform gives you the opportunity to learn for free by following short video courses, complete with slides, text and downloadable resources. You can also check your understanding of the theoretical concepts by taking quizzes or tests. Accessible in application and even offline, this online learning space is ideal for anyone who needs flexibility in their learning.


Coursera is an educational company that offers online training courses open to everyone. Whether you want to learn more about data science, improve your computer skills, work on your personal development or perfect your language skills, the Coursera training catalogue is able to meet your needs. In concrete terms, you have access to free courses with corrected practical exercises, videos and a discussion forum. If you wish to formalise your new knowledge, a certificate is available, but for a fee.

To go further, Coursera also offers paid specialisation courses to optimise your skills in a particular field. You will also find professionalization certificates, with a theory part and practice in a company.

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