Digital Transformation and up-skilling challenge for Cameroonian girls


Texa Digita (TD) Cameroon has launched a digital transformation and upskilling challenge calling for Cameroonian girls with the drive to change their lives and communities which will make them potential candidates for national and international employment or equally enable them to become entrepreneurs; creating solutions which can help their society and country.

TD Cameroonian girl digital transformation challenge is an initiative designed to identify, support and transform digital skill talent, innovation and reliance of girls and young women from Cameroon. This challenge focuses on developing digital literacy and skills, particularly in the field of science, engineering, mathematics, arts & culture, in other to equip young people especially young women and girls, with the skills necessary to take advantage of the growth and development opportunities of the digital economy, whilst protecting against online risk and harms, and promoting inclusion, notable for women.

  • Girls up-skilling and employment.
  • Training women in IT careers.
  • Make women a digital community builder.
  • A valuable certification for professionals.
  • e-skill4cameroongirls


Get international certification in any of the following fields;

  1. Technology (cloud computing, cyber security, DevOps etc.)
  2. Digital Operations (quality management, product management, IT service and Architecture, Agile and Scrum Master etc.)
  3. Digital Businesses (Digital Marketing, Digital Business and Leadership etc.)
  4. Data and IT (Data Science, business analytics, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning etc.).

All of these courses are offered by The Strides Ltd in Partnership with Simplilearn world’s #1 Bootcamp online training.

  • Opportunities to access international internships, which will eventually lead to employment
  • Gain knowledge of digital technology and become digitally literate.

Gain increased efficiency, productivity, improved communication, and higher agility, among others.

Course value: courses range from FCFA 300,000frs ($400) to FCFA 700,000frs ($1200)


  1. Women living in Cameroon from the ages of 17 to 35 years old.
  2. Students. This includes; high school students, undergraduates and postgraduate students.
  3. Unemployed female graduates within the age limits.
  4. Young businesswomen.
  5. Female school dropouts within the age limits.
  6. Women are searching for jobs and are willing to learn.
  7. Women within the age limits who are willing to create a great impact in the community.
  8. Must be ready to study online from anywhere.
  9. Must be willing to undergo digital transformation
  10. Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English Language

Selection Process

Applications are accessed according to a standard set of criteria (thematic area, innovation, impact and reach, sustainability, and opportunity for scale-up) and reviewed by The Strides LTD and external experts.

How to Apply

  • Please download and choose a course from the spreadsheet below  

Download now

  • Upload a short video of not more than 5 minutes, explaining why you should be selected.

Video submission guideline

  1. Recording should be done in a quiet place with no music or background noise (Listen to your audio before uploading the video and ensure you are audible).
  2. The video should answer the question: What is the impact of your solution in your community, and what is its value and potential?
  3. Keep the camera in a still position to avoid a shaky recording.
  4. Ensure the picture quality of your video is clear.
  5. Videos should be shot in “landscape/widescreen” mode.
  6. Recording should not exceed 5 minutes and can be recorded in English.


September 1: Call for Applications.
November 31: Deadline for Applications.
December 5: Screening Process.
December 10: Pre-Selection of eligible participants.
End of December: Notification to Participants.
January 5: Issue of Study Licences to those selected.

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