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ASTA Aviation International Academy is an aviation academy that offers:

Advanced aviation Diploma, Aviation certification training programmes, Inintial aviation training programme (CALLED AVIATION FOR TEENAGERS) Professional aeroplane and helicopter pilot training programmes.

Navy pilot (NAVAL AVIATOR) entrance preparatory classes to navy pilot (Naval Aviator) aspirants.


Candidate Profile
  • These qualifications, skills and abilities are critical for success in this position.
  • Throughout the screening process, you will be evaluated based on the demonstration of these qualifications.
  • In your application material, please clearly address your experience with the following Success Criteria, as well as the Instructor

To be considered, your application must demonstrate these minimum qualifications. (Experience is calculated based on the start and end dates you provide multiplied by the number of hours per week worked).


Applicant should have certifications in cabin crew instructor or have completed cabin cabin crew training with a recognized Issuing body ( CAA) related in aviation field of study or Bachelor’s or higher in non-aviation field of study, wide knowledge of aviation will be a plus.


The instructor will Flight have a range of responsibilities, including:
  • Conducting classroom sessions to teach aspiring flight attendants about the airline industry, safety regulations, and emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrating and providing hands-on training on safety equipment, such as life vests, oxygen masks, and evacuation slides.
  • Instructing trainees on proper customer service techniques, including effective communication, conflict resolution, and passenger assistance.
  • Creating and delivering training materials, including presentations, videos, and manuals, to enhance the learning experience.
  • Conducting practical training sessions on emergency procedures, such as evacuations and medical emergencies, in simulated environments.
  • Assisting in the assessment and evaluation of trainees’ performance through practical exams and observations.
  • Staying up to date with industry regulations, changes in safety protocols, and new customer service techniques to continually improve training programs.

The cabin crew instructor applicant should be one who possess the following qualifications:

Experience as a flight attendant: Extensive experience as a flight attendant is essential to understand the duties, challenges, and requirements of the role.

Certification: Holding a valid and relevant certification, such as a cabin crew instructor certificate or equivalent, demonstrates the necessary knowledge and expertise in training flight attendants.

Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are vital as cabin crew instructors need to effectively convey information, provide feedback, and facilitate learning for flight attendants.

Teaching ability: Cabin crew instructor applicant should have the ability to create engaging and interactive training sessions that effectively transfer knowledge and skills to flight attendants.

Adaptable and approachable: Being adaptable to different learning styles and approachable to flight attendants helps create a positive learning environment and fosters effective learning and development.

Qualified interested candidates should drop their curriculum vitae via the email:

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