Preparation & writing of the German language exam

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Preparation & writing of the German language exam
Preparation & writing of the German language exam

Unlock Your Future in Germany with STEM Professional Training Institute 

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to Germany? At STEM Professional Training Institute, we specialize in preparing and guiding individuals like you through the rigorous German language exams, paving the way for your success in both professional and academic pursuits in Germany.

German Language Exam Preparation Services: 
  • Tailored preparation for German language exams A2 for nursing professionals and B1 for individuals without a nursing background or HND in nursing.
  • Comprehensive support to ensure successful writing and passing of the exams, opening doors to lucrative opportunities in the healthcare sector and beyond.
Seamless Transition to Germany: 
  • Dreaming of working or studying in Germany? We make your aspirations a reality by providing top-notch guidance and assistance.
  • Navigate the complexities of relocating to Germany with confidence, whether it's for employment or educational purposes.
Upcoming German Language Classes:

Start Date: April 8, 2024
Duration: 3 Months
Weekly Hours: 12 Hours

Registration Details:
  • Registration Ongoing: Secure your spot now!
  • Registration Fee: 15,000 FCFA
Convenient Locations:

Campus A: Beside the Petrolex Station, Ndobo, Bonaberi
Campus B: In front of the Omnisport Stadium, Bepanda

Contact Us: Ready to take the first step towards your German-language journey? Contact us today at 671177552 to register or inquire further about our services.

Don't let language barriers hold you back from your dreams. Join STEM Professional Training Institute Douala and unlock a world of opportunities in Germany! 🌍🚀

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