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lundi 5 octobre 2020

Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL) Primary/Secondary Schools Essay Competition 2021

Trust for Sustainable Living  Essay Competition
Trust for Sustainable Living  Essay Competition

The Trust for Sustainable Living is pleased to invite schoolchildren around the world to share their dreams about the potential of partnerships and collaborations to help achieve a more sustainable future.

Application Deadline: 23rd December 2020.

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries:

To be taken at (country): Online; Oxford UK.

About the Award:
This year’s theme – Protecting biodiversity
How can we protect biological diversity and stop the 6th mass extinction?

The Trust for Sustainable Living is pleased to invite schoolchildren around the world to share their ideas to help protect the Earth’s precious biological diversity.

Following on from the success of the first online International Schools’ Debates and Summit, next year’s Debates will also take place online to help support the broadest possible participation of schoolchildren from around the world.

The competition is aimed at primary and secondary school students, supported by Teacher Champions, parents and schools. To participate, schools simply need to register a Teacher Champion to coordinate on their behalf.


Eligibility: TSL is pleased to invite children around the world to share their ideas on how partnerships can help to achieve the SDG’s and build a more sustainable world.

Students are free to approach the topic however they wish.

For example, they might decide to:

  • consider one or many of the SDG’s,
  • concentrate on already existing or possible future initiatives, or
  • focus on local, national or international level partnerships.
However they decide to approach their essays, children are strongly encouraged to include their own personal views, perspectives and experiences to help bring their visions alive.

Each student is invited to submit one essay in English, entitled,

My vision: Partnerships for a sustainable future

The essay length varies by age as follows:

Primary students (ages 7-11): 400 words

Secondary students (ages 11-17): 600 words

Selection Criteria:
  • The essays are judged for originality and creativity in all formats, and the potential to contribute to a constructive international debate.
  • Unique and well-argued perspectives score highly. Please refrain from copying and pasting non-original material.
Number of Awardees: 5 finalists, 1 winner and lots of consolation prizes.

Value of Competition:

  • One overall Grand Prize trophy winner will receive a free international trip to a TSL Summit, including £500 spending money.
  • The Top 10 essay medallists will receive eco-friendly e-medals with redeemable gift tokens included.
  • All participating Teacher Champions, Essay Finalists & Honourable Mentions, and International Debate participants, will receive personalised e-certificates.
How to Apply: Apply here

Visit Competition Webpage for details

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