2021-2023 scholarship program at HEGTD

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2021-2023 scholarship program at HEGTD

As part of its program "Professional Studies and Promotion of Entrepreneurship", the Institute of Higher Studies on Territorial Governance and Decentralization (HEGTD) and its Partners are launching a call for applications in the direction of young Cameroonians wishing to study. invest in the creation and development of the company while continuing their studies at HEGTD on behalf of the Academic Year 2021 - 2022. 

Academic start: November 08, 2021 

TRAINING                              FEES              COSTS CYCLE 

  1. Professional License   15,000 FCFA    250,000 FCFA 
  2. Professional Master1   20,000 FCFA  400,000 FCFA 
  3. Professional Master2   20,000 FCFA  400,000 FCFA 

Bachelors & Masters 

  • Bank and Finance Bank and Insurance 
  • Accounting, Control and Audit 
  • Accounting and Finance Economic Intelligence, Entrepreneurship and SME 
  • Development Analysis and Evaluation of Projects 
  • Management and Development of Sports 
  • Organizations Decentralization, Territorial Governance and Development 
  • Territory Development Engineering 

Application conditions 

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality 
  • Be 35 years old or less 
  • Be free from any professional commitment 
  • Meet the academic conditions required to access the level of studies which is the subject of the application. 

Documents required

  • Downloadable application form HERE
  • Photocopy of the CNI 
  • Photocopy of diploma or certificate justifying the application 
  • Transcripts from the previous two years 
  • Declaration on honor stating absence of professional engagement 

Submission of files: Yaoundé Campus of Nkomo MAETUR or Campus of Samba Sup in Tropican

Contacts : 

  • 693300560 
  • 698989549 

Our campuses :

  • Yaoundé Tamtam, 
  • Yaoundé Nsimeyong Chapel, 
  • Yaoundé Tropicana, 
  • Yaounde Nkomo Maetur 

Henri Séverin ASSEMBLY: Director Director of HE-GTD: www.hegtduniversity.org 

 For any information, join our WhatsApp group by clicking on https://chat.whatsapp.com/Kvnxu03eyrjBcIcj8DAS7Z


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