Fully Funded WIPO Global Awards 2024 in Geneva

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WIPO Global Awards 2024 attracts outstanding enterprises and individuals striving to make efficient use of intellectual property for commercialization. Thus, bringing a positive contribution to society. These awards are considered a great way to help you grow and be recognized worldwide. Moreover, you can amplify the importance of intellectual property as a valuable asset through such global awards. All you need is not to be afraid of thriving!!!

The international WIPO award is available to everyone from around the globe and from all industries. This award aims to identify innovators, enterprises, and creators who are actively achieving their business goals and objectives with the help of intellectual property. Moreover, their skills, technological developments, and professional content are significant to the success and improvement of the lives of others.

To apply for the international award in Geneva, you must be pondering over the actual meaning of intellectual property. Here is to tell you that intellectual property has various forms including copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, and patents. The United Nations, a huge name, also believes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up the lion’s share of economies in developed or less developed countries and are recognized as the cardinal source of innovation and creativity across all markets, sectors, and aspects of life.

Talking about the world’s intellectual property organization, it is to tell you that it is the global forum for services, policies, cooperation, and information, related to intellectual property. It is comprised of 193 member states. The organization aims to develop and lead a balanced and effective international IP system that benefits all. Its mandate, running affairs, and procedures are outlined in the WIPO Convention, established in 1967.

WIPO Global Awards 2024 in Geneva:
Host Country:Switzerland
Host Organization:WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
Benefits of the WIPO Global Award 2024 in Geneva:
  • The award provides you the travel facility to Geneva to attend the Awards Ceremony and other events.
  • WIPO Trophy to the winners.
  • Customized IP mentorship opportunities.
  • Promotions on the WIPO Awards webpage, WIPO media, and other related media.

Eligibility Criteria of the WIPO Global Awards 2024 in Geneva:
SMEs WIPO’s 193 countries can apply.

How to Apply for the WIPO Global Awards 2024 in Geneva?
  • Applicants have to apply through the official website.
  • Register your account.
  • Fill up all the details.
  • Complete the asked information carefully and submit it.
Selection Criteria for the WIPO Global Award:
  • Understanding of IP rights.
  • Ability to use IP rights to protect commercialized IP assets.
  • Positive contribution to the development areas of one or more countries.
  • The approach of diversity and inclusiveness.

Application Deadline:
The application deadline for this competition is March 31, 2024.

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