World Youth Forum 2022 in Egypt

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World Youth Forum 2022 in Egypt
World Youth Forum 2022 in Egypt

World Youth Forum 2022 is a splendid opportunity in which the youth from all over the world come to Egypt for free to participate in the marine ven in Sharm El-Sheikh. In this fully-funded international youth conference, the enthusiastic and talented youth can participate as an attendee, a speaker, a model participant, a workshop participant, in theatre, and many more. This WFP 2022, no doubt is a platform where the young minds have a variety of options to prove their talent and to have a supreme experience while interacting with the whole world’s representatives in a single event, The forum aims at gathering the participants from around the world in order to promote peace, harmony, mutual cooperation, co-existence, and diversity. The program does not lag behind in making this world a better place to live in.

The leadership program in Egypt is one of the most awaited even when it comes to the programs for youth empowerment. This year the program aims to call more than 5000 young influencings and self-motivated persons to come forward and make difference through their initiatives, achievements, and their ideas. Over the years this international youth forum has shown its commitment to its missions which is seen by its increasing number of participants. For instance, in 2017, there were over 3200 participants in WYF, and in 2019, there were 5000 international participants from every corner of the world. As the forum is not an academic program, so there is no compulsion of any specific degree level or educational background to apply for this best international paid opportunity.

The international youth conference in Egypt consists of multiple themes, genres, and ideas to revive humanity-based projects. In this fourth edition of the world youth forum, the participants will get a chance to discuss the most important and present-day issues and the ways to tackle them successfully. The platform allows the promising youth and the future leaders to get engaged with other decision-makers and the influential figures that are present in that experience enriching conference and set-up. This also helps the participants to gain an exquisite experience of enhancing public communication skills, negotiation skills, diplomatic skills, teambuilding, creativity, and confidence. That is why 2022 WYF is also known as World Youth Leadership Forum.

The fully-funded youth leadership program in Egypt has many exciting roles such as the panelists, World Youth Theatre, and Model of Human Rights Council, etc. In these roles, anyone can freely share one’s experience and knowledge with others on specific topics as well as can be given recommendations on a specific problem. Moreover, the role such as World Youth Theatre is a stage provided to express the talents, cultures, and arts of the globe. Similarly, in MHRC the WYF participants step into the shoe of the world leaders and debate on specific issues related to human rights. They are also given an appropriate chance to make their speeches, prepare their own resolutions and negotiate with the allies. The experience at the international conference proves to be a catalyst for the profess and toning of the young minds. The participants gain this extraordinary and highly influential experience by exploring history, geography, culture, economics, and the contributions of scientific inventions and innovations. Thus, this World Youth Forum Egypt for young leaders is no doubt a program for diversifying cooperation, peace, and harmony in this world.

World Youth Forum 2012 in Egypt:
Host Country:Egypt
Program Location:Sharm el-Sheikh
Program Dates::10th-13th January 2022.
World Youth Forum Benefits 2022:
  • The selected participants will get a fully-funded round airfare ticket from their nearest hubs to Egypt.
  • The accommodation which includes living expenses, food, and transportation will be fully covered.
  • The visa fees of the participants will be covered.
  • The participants will be provided with hotel transportation to and from the Egyptian airport.

Eligibility Criteria of the World Youth Forum, Egypt 2022:
  • Young leaders from all over the world and of any nationality can apply.
  • The personal, professional, and educational experience must be related to the event and the discussing topic.
  • There is no restriction of degree, academic background, or CGPA requirement.
  • The participants must be between 18-40 years of age.
How to Apply for the World Youth Forum 2022 in Egypt?
  • The candidates have to get themselves registered in the WYF online.
  • The candidates have to fill in all the basic information required in the form.
  • All the participants are to complete their profiles.
  • Choose your participation role.
  • If you’re applying as a group, choose the option “Group”. Make sure to point only one group member to be contacted by the WYF.
  • In case the whole band is applying, every individual must choose the same role for the same band.
Required Documents for the 2022 WYF, Egypt:
  • Passport Scan (For Foreign Applicants)
  • National ID Scan (For Egyptian Applicants)
  • A clear photo with white background.

Application Deadline:
The last date to register for the World Youth Forum in Egypt 2022 is 15 December 2021.

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