Cameroon Desk Innovation Challenge 2022 (CDIC 2022)

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Cameroon Desk Innovation Challenge 2022 (CDIC 2022)


Challenge for the Socio-professional Integration of Youth

Take inspiration from your own experience and share with young people, in the form of advice, tips or solutions, which will allow them to easily integrate into the socio-professional world


The goal of this challenge is to propose a blog article, in which you share with young people your experience in the form of advice, tips, or solutions, allowing them to easily obtain a job, an internship, a scholarship, admission to a school, or facilitate their integration into the socio-professional world.

NB: The proposed solutions must fit with the local realities of your country or region


Blog posts can be oriented around one of the following themes:

  • Education (Tips on how to get a scholarship, admission to a school, or training that can facilitate access to a job)
  • Personal development (How to work on one's personality in order to promote socio-professional integration)
  • Job search (Techniques for an optimal application)
  • Entrepreneurship (Tips for self-employment of young people)

Grading criteria

  1.  Originality of the article: 15%.
  2. Relevance of the solutions proposed in the article: 30%.
  3. Number of Google Analytics visits on the article: 20%.
  4. Interaction with the article:

  • Number of shares on the Facebook page: 15%.
  • Number of comments on the Facebook post: 15%.
  • Number of comments on the article on the website: 5%.

Criteria for eliminating an article

  • Article copied or duplicated on the internet
  • Article does not respect the prescribed framework
  • Article does not fit with the objective of the competition
  • Article sent after the deadline for receipt of entries

Instructions to follow

Your article must include:

  • A title (between 50 and 70 characters), we suggest you start your article with the word "How" (e.g.: how I got my first job, how I got a scholarship, how to start a business when you can't afford it...). However, you are free to choose the form of your title.
  • A description of the article's content (150 words maximum) 
  • An image of the article in jpeg format (less than 50 ko) 
  • The content of your article 
  • Eventually, the references, for external resources 
  • The contact information you wish to appear on the article as the author of the publication for biography (optional)

Structure of the article's content

  • Your blog post should be between 500 and 1000 words
  • It must be free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • It can be written in French or English
  • It should be structured in paragraphs, with headings or subheadings for each section/sub-section
  • Introduce your article with a presentation of Cameroon Desk, what you know about its activities, and a link to its different platforms and social networks

Conditions of participation

  • The competition is open to young Africans aged 18 years and above.
  • Participants must be subscribers on the different Cameroon Desk platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram)

Jury and prizes

The final jury will be composed of Cameroon Desk team members, who will evaluate each entry based on the scoring criteria defined above.

At the end of the final selection, three prizes will be awarded

1st Prize

  • Cash prize: 60 Euros (40 000 FCFA)
  • Opportunity to join the Cameroon Desk team to work as a freelance blogger
  • Certificate of honor
  • Publication of your article on all Cameroon Desk platforms

2nd Prize

  • Cash prize: 45 Euros (30 000 FCFA)
  • Certificate
  • Two recommendations to partner structures looking for web writers.
  • Distribution of your article on all the platforms of Cameroon Desk

3rd Prize

  • Cash prize: 30 Euros (20 000 FCFA)
  • Certificate
  • 07 days of promotion of a product or a service offer of your choice on all Cameroon Desk platforms.
  • Broadcasting of your article on all Cameroon Desk platforms.

That's not ALL!

10 Honorary Prizes that will each benefit from :

  • Cash prize: (5000 FCFA)
  • Certificate of honor
  • Broadcasting of your article on all the platforms of Cameroon Desk


03/15/2022 - Launch of the Challenge

03/22/2022 - Start receiving blog posts 

04/29/2022 - End of the reception of the blog posts

03/26/2022 to 05/09/2022 - Evaluation of submitted articles and publication online

05/14/2022 - Deliberation

05/15/2022 - Declaration of winners + awarding of prizes to winners

NB: The results of the challenge will be made public online, on the official Youtube channel of Cameroon Desk on May 15th 2022 at 8:00 pm (Cameroon time).

48 hours at the latest after publication of the results, the winners will be contacted by email, in order to know the modalities to get their prizes. (All participants will receive their prizes by money transfer)

How to submit your article

  • You must submit your article in a Word file of 2 pages maximum (the first page containing the text of the article, and the second page containing the featured image, references (if any) and contact information of the author to be used in the biography (Optional))
  • Your application must be sent online, only via a form available on this link, no later than April 29, 2022 at 23:59 (Cameroon time)
  • The name of the Word file must respect the following structure: Name_Surname.docx e.g : Wamba_Arnold
  • All applications that are not sent via the online form will not be considered.

Click here to submit your Application

Only 50 applications will be accepted. Once you send your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and 48 hours later you will be notified whether your application has been accepted or not.

The 50 Entries that will compete will each have 30 days from March 26, 2022 to promote their articles on social networks.

Once your article is approved, it will be written on our website and published on our Facebook page within 48 hours. You will then receive in return by email :

  • The link of the article published on the website
  • The link of the publication on the Facebook page

You will use these elements to promote your article to your audience.

More information

To access the call for application in pdf format: click here

Click here to download the terms and Condition of the challenge

Good luck to all!

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