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I do not know about you but in my own country, we are often told by our parents: “son/daughter, I want you to attain the highest level of education with good grades so you can have a good job where you would be able to take care of yourself, us your parents and your family”

Many of us have grown with this mentality and I am no exemption. For someone who is not interactive, you may never know the other side of the story until you are exposed to the job market where you cannot add value but certificates. In as much as obtaining good grades in school is very important, do not just focus on grades without looking at some high-income skills to add to your certificates. In this article you will be exposed to some self-development rules I adopted to fit in the socio-professional world and landed me on my first job.

Rule number one: 

Learn a high income skill: The society we live in is fast changing, everything is becoming digital. There is no one single job out there that will not require you to have at least basic computer knowledge. While working for your degrees, learn high income skills graphic design, marketing, copywriting and more. If you do not have money to pay for a class you can at least get free courses online.

Rule number two:

 Value networking: Can your friend pay for a class for you or he/she would rather take you out? Consider looking through your circle of friends. Your network determines your net worth. Connect with those who are better than you more so you can be inspired to be successful.

Rule number three: 

Attend relevant conferences: While I was in school, I noticed many students shied away from conferences, seminars and workshops. They rather prefer to jump from snack to snack. My view of live changed the day I attended a conference at SHEP Academy. We claim to know everything but forgetting to know that; going to places where you meet people with advanced minds inspires you to work even more.

Rule number four: 

Do not wait for friends before you act: It is okay to share with friends your ideas but their reactions should not discourage you. What I most times do is I start before telling them. So if anyone is interested you will rather join me on it… they will get angry but it is okay. You were not born to please anyone.

Rule number five: 

Avoid begging money from those you should beg for direction: If you were standing in front of the richest person in Cameroon now, what will you request from him/her? If your answer is money then you need to rethink. When you meet great people, ask for strategies to succeed by presenting your business idea to them and see how they contribute.

Rule number six: 

Consider volunteerism: When you complete school and seek for a job and you are requested for some years of experience right? Where do you think you can get this from if you were not volunteering? Learn to build to build your professional life while in school. Do voluntary services related to your field of study while in school.

Rule number seven: 

Take things one at a time: Without a plan it is easy to chase everything that looks exciting at the moment. Develop goals and strategies to accomplish. Having a to-do list daily will help you track your progress and tell you whether or not you are on track. Last words: While looking for your dream job, do not stay idle as most youths will do. Rather pick any job that does not go against your values to do while hoping for the best.


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WRITE BY Ewang Marbel Mesode

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