Vocational Training Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies for Africa

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 Vocational Training Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies for Africa 

Solar Photovoltaic Training Course 

Solar Energy is becoming more and more the most favourable form of sustainable energy in Cameroon. However, the shortage of technicians in this sector trained in Design, Installation & Maintenance or Entrepreneurship in solar PV systems has created opportunities to build new skills and careers. Our registered and accredited Vocational Training Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies for Africa (VTC-SETA) is offering hands-on training courses in Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Systems. A Certificate of Proficiency (CQP) or Certificate of Competency (CQP) or Certificate of Qualified Professional (CQP) will be issued at the end of taining. 


 Builders, contractors. project foreman, field electricians (Enoe). technicians (Camtel—MTN-Orange-Nextel), degree holders, University drop-out, HND, BTS. GCE (Gen/Tech) A&O Levels, BAC (Gen/Tech). Probatoire, CAP, City & Guilds and other individuals who are interested in designing, Installing and maintaining solar PV systems. 


  • Introduction to Renewable Energy
  • Occupational safety 
  • Solar PV systems  
  • Basics and types of solar PV systems 
  • Protection systems. Battenes, Inverter. 
  • Charge controller 
  • Load calculation, System sizing, Site Survey PI 
  • Basics on installation process and operation 
  • Basics on maintenance of solar PV systems 
  • Solar systems applications
  • Energy audit , efficiency and conservation (Energy cost and evaluation the economical solutions)
  • Entrepreneurship in solar energy sector (Cameroon) 

Our partners: 

FNE and MINEFOP. It is possible to obtain a DQP in PV systems according to your specialty (installer or designer) in a period of 6 months.

VENUE: VTC-SETA 953 Avenue Biyem-Assi, Yaoundé, Cameroon 

TRAINING DATES: Monday MAY 18, 2022 8:00am-5:30pm 


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