Québec Scholarship For Vocational Training In Canada

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Québec Scholarship For Vocational Training In Canada
Québec Scholarship For Vocational Training In Canada

The Quebec Scholarship for Vocational Education in Canada is currently open for applications. The objective of the Excellence and Tuition Waiver Scholarship Program for international students in vocational training is to support the internationalization of vocational training institutions in Québec, to offer international students who have distinguished themselves in an exceptional way the opportunity to study vocational training in Québec and to promote the maintenance of a wide range of vocational training opportunities.

The Excellence and Exemption Scholarship programs are aimed exclusively at vocational training, i.e. short training programs focused on learning a trade and integrating into the labour market. The scholarship programs are NOT intended for college or university training leading to a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree. These two programs (Excellence Scholarships and Tuition Exemption) are funded by the Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ) and managed by Éducation internationale and its service Québec métiers d'avenir. A single application process is used for both programs. This competition is for vocational training starting in August 2023

Host Institution: Training establishments and institutions in Quebec, Canada.

Fields of study: Administration, Commerce and IT, Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Tourism, Arts, Buildings and Public Works, Wood and Related Materials, Chemistry and Biology, Communications, Electrical Engineering, Maintenance of motorized equipment, Environment and forest management, Mechanical manufacturing, Forestry and paper, Maintenance mechanics, Metallurgy etc.

Number of scholarships:
not specified.

Varies by training program.

Québec Scholarship for Vocational Training Benefits

This Canada destination Québec program offers two different types of scholarship, namely: the Merit scholarships and the exemptions from supplementary tuition fees. Please see below, the difference between the two programs.

Merit Scholarship

  • Exemption from supplementary tuition fees payable by international students;
  • Health insurance coverage provided by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ);
  • Bursary award ranging from CAD 14 000 to CAD 26 000 depending on the duration of the chosen training program, to cover the student’s living expenses during his or her studies.
Exemptions from supplementary tuition fees
  • Exemption from supplementary tuition fees payable by international students.

Québec Scholarship for Vocational Training Eligibility

  • To be eligible to apply for this scholarship program, you must not be a citizen of France or Canada. Priority will be given to applicants from member countries of the Francophonie (excluding France, and its overseas departments and territories – DOM-TOM), and countries of the leading markets of Asia (China, India , Japan) and the Americas (Mexico, Brazil) will be prioritized.
  • Not have Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent resident status or be in the process of obtaining the permanent residence status under the Canadian immigration laws.
  • Be outside of Canada at the time of submitting your application and up till the announcement of results.
  • Not be less than 18 years of age. There is no maximum age limit.
  • Not have been a beneficiary of a scholarship award for studies of the same level as or higher than the DEP in Quebec. In addition, being awarded various scholarships within the same academic year is not allowed.
  • Have the required financial capacity.
  1. You must demonstrate that you have a minimum of $3,000 Canadian to apply for the Merit Scholarship
  2. You must demonstrate that you have a minimum of $15,000 Canadian to apply for the Tuition Exemption

How to Apply for the Québec Scholarship for Vocational Training?

To apply for this North America scholarship program, please follow the steps below :
  • Eligibility: Determine if you are eligible for the contest
  • Choice of training: Make your choice of training and training center from the list provided. (only 1 possible choice)
  • Choose a program: Choose the program for which you wish to submit your application (Scholarship and Exemption OR only the Scholarship program)
  • Start registration: Please click on the apply button below to create an account and complete the application form.
Note: Only one application per student is accepted. Any application submitted for more than one establishment will be rejected. Even if he or she is helped by a relative, the candidate must be the author of his or her request. No request submitted by an agent will be accepted. Application is free.

Before creating an account, it is essential to have the following documents in hand. A copy of 
  • the main page of your passport
  • your birth certificate
  • transcripts for the last completed year for each program listed in the academic documents section of the online application form. You must upload all your documents for each of your academic programs within a SINGLE electronic file. For example, your Bac diploma and your transcript must be uploaded as one document.
  • all diplomas that you have obtained
  • all prizes, awards or distinctions received
  • a proof of your academic English proficiency results (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), or a proof of registration for such EXCEPT you have completed a higher education program of not less than 2-year duration in English language
  • two letters of reference completed by two different persons (Please click on the following links to download the form : Annex A-FR or Annex A-ENG). Family members and friends cannot act as guarantors
  • proof of sufficient financial capacity required for the chosen award program ($3,000 or $15,000 CAD). Examples of proof of sufficient financial capacity: Original bank statement (yours or your guardian’s) for the last three (3) months (bank book, statements) and/or bank letter indicating current balance (yours or your guardian’s) and/or any proof of continuous income for the entire duration of your studies in Quebec.

NB: if another person guarantees your financial capacity for your studies in Quebec, this person must provide proof of sufficient income or savings:
  • The Declaration of financial support signed by the guardian;
  • Proof of relationship with the guardian and/or explanation letter of implication;
  • Original bank statement for the last three (3) months (bank book, statements) and/or bank letter indicating current balance;
  • Proof of employment of the guardian (employment contract, pay slips) for the last three (3) months;
  • Any other proof of your guardian’s financial income.
Note: Incomplete, illegible, or non-compliant application will be rejected. False statements or fraudulent documents will automatically result in rejection of the application and the candidate will be rejected from current and future competition.

Candidates must submit their application before August 5, 2022. To learn more about the Québec scholarship for vocational training in Canada, please visit the official page.


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