Opening of Admissions in STEM Higher/Professional Training Institute.

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Opening of Admissions in STEM Higher/Professional Training Institute.

Opening of Admissions in STEM Higher/Professional Training Institute.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

STEM Higher Institute is here for you with innovative and affordable programs.
We offer programs in the following fields:

  • Health Sciences
  • Business Technology
  • Science of Education
  • Computer Engineering
  • Communication
  • Vocational Training Programs and more.

Cycles :

  • 09 months to 01 year (PQA, PQD, & PQC).
  • 02  to 03 years (HND).
  • 03 to 04 years (Bsc).

Our Programs

  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Midwifery
  • Medical Lab
  • Physiothrapy
  • Ass in Medical Cabinet
  • Dental Therapy
  • Graphics
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Medical Representative
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Maintenance

Why Choose STEM-HIHB 

  • Free distinctive leadership and entrepreneurship programs. 
  • Reinforce  counseling programs. 
  • Free seminars on Career Orientation.
  • Well-stocked library with relevant and up-to-date books. 
  • Free WIFI connection on CAMPUS for in-depth research. 
  • Well-equipped laboratories (dental therapy and MLS). 
  • Care demonstration room, nurses for the simulation. 
  • Affordable tuition (tuition fees). Free driving and sign language lessons. 
  • Our Campus is easily accessible. 
  • Scholarship programs (Scholarship, funded free after 2 weeks tutoring and exam and Partial scholarship on 50% off). 
  • Morning, evening and online program at student convenience.
  • Scholarship to study abroad after HND or Bachelor degree.
  • High chances of direct employment after graduation. 
  • We provide funds for our graduates/students who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Register Now funds for our programs and benefit a 20% tuition reduction, free driving lessons and unlimited WiFi on campus, etc.

We have two (02) campuses:
  • Campus A: beside Petrolex Ndobo Bonaberi-Douala.
  • Campus B: opposite Maison des Jeunes Infront of Omnisports Stadium Bepanda, Douala.

Click here to join us to WhatsApp 

Tel : (+237) 671 177 552

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