Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs 2023

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Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs
Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs

Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs 2023 

Calling all impact-driven, change-making women business leaders called to create greater impact through sustainable business growth to apply for the Vital Voices (VV) GROW Fellowship 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs.

If you are a visionary change-maker leading a for-profit, purpose-driven business that offers innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and/or advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals, if you desire to ensure that your business creates lasting change through the people, places and planet that it serves, this is for you.

Deadline Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs: 

October 18, 2022

The VV GROW Fellowship is a 10-month virtual programme that fosters growth and skills advancement in strategic planning, financial management, marketing and sales, strategic networking, leadership, human resources, and communications to support you in creating a holistic, sustainable foundation for which your vision and impact can grow.

Through the VV GROW Fellowship you will:

  • Have gained a new found confidence in your ability to lead, as well as in your businesses’ ability to thrive.
  • Have a framework for measuring your organization’s impact which can be used to measure your performance and can also be engaged in your marketing and in securing investors.
  • Be empowered with the knowledge and tools to evaluate and identify opportunities for growth in business and leadership.
  • Strengthened resiliency and ability to navigate change, and contingency planning strategies and approaches to guard against future economic or other shocks.
  • Have knowledge in how to leverage the Vital Voices network of alumnae, partners and supporters to provide access to unique and high impact opportunities to further your own leadership and business impact.
  • Understand how to strengthen network connections and engage partners to provide insight and support to you and your business.

Cost and Scholarship

  • If accepted into the programme, there is a participation fee of US $1,500. Payment plans and some need-based scholarships will be available.
  • Scholarships will be available. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, select “Apply for a scholarship” and answer the corresponding questions. Successful applicants will be informed of the result of their scholarship application upon notification of programme acceptance.

Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs Eligibility

  • Applicant is a woman (inclusive of the following identities: cisgender women, transgender women, and non-binary people that are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women).
  • Applicant owns and leads a for-profit business that leads a purpose driven business that offers innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and/or advances the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Applicant holds a key leadership and management role with decision-making authority in the business.
  • Applicant’s business is beyond the startup phase, meaning they have proven their business model and product/service, they have a committed customer base, and the business is carrying out marketing activities.
  • Applicant’s business at least breaks even in terms of annual revenue.
  • Applicant has at least 1 full-time employee (inclusive of self).
  • Applicant is proficient in spoken and written English.

Ideal Candidates

  • Know their mission and the impact they want to have and are motivated to make a positive impact.
  • Have proven their business product/service through a baseline of sales and is now ready to move past the rollercoaster of starting up and hanging on by a thread, to build out a sustainable model and functioning team.
  • Are enthusiastic about participating in this program and joining VV global network.
  • Are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with and support other leaders in the program cohort.
  • Do not plan to exit their business within the next 5 years.
  • If applicant is involved in more than one business, the requirement criteria above must apply to the business that the applicant would like to focus on during the fellowship.

How to apply Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs

Applications are considered until October 18, 2022. Applicants may be asked to participate in a 30-min virtual interview. All applicants will be notified about final decisions by December 23, 2022. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

Click here to apply

For more information, see FAQs and visit VV GROW Fellowship.


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