TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022

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TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition
TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition

TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022

Applications for the TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022 are now open. They are inviting you to become global news reporters and share with them the local challenges being faced where you live!

Sustainability is a global issue, but many problems (and their solutions!) are locally focused. The Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL) and ZooLab want you to connect with your local environment to investigate a sustainability challenge in your area or region, tell them the impacts it is having and if there are any solutions being actioned to address the problem, or what your suggested solutions might be!

Deadline: November 16, 2022

TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Details

In no more than 3 minutes, your video should:
  • Introduce yourself and your location/area
  • Identify the sustainability challenge being faced
  • Explore the impacts
  • Investigate solutions being actioned or suggest your own!

The video should focus on ‘My local sustainability challenges’ and should address the 4 key points above, however the style and presentation of the video and information can be determined by the participant. They welcome both film and animated entries.

They have purposely left the topic as broad as possible to allow the exploration of a variety of local issues and solutions across the globe, however you may wish to consider some of the topics below as a starting point.

Possible Topics:
  • Local wildlife loss
  • Pollution (air, water or land)
  • Climate change (eg drought, flooding etc)
  • Lack of sustainable shopping choices
  • Loss or lack of green community space
  • Recycling
  • Sustainability education

Eligibility TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition

  • The Sustainability Challenge Video Competition is open to all learners worldwide.
  • Entries are invited in 4 categories:
Primary (aged 7-11)
Secondary (aged 12-17)
Teachers (because we never stop learning!)

How to apply for TSL/ZooLab International Sustainability Challenge Video Competition

  • The maximum length of each video is 3 minutes (entries exceeding this will not be eligible for prizes).
  • To upload a video you must be registered as a Teacher Champion. Each Teacher Champion is able to upload multiple video entries.
  • For tertiary and teacher entries (aged 18+): To submit your video you must register as a Teacher Champion.
  • Primary and secondary entries (aged 7-17): Must be submitted on behalf of students by a registered Teacher Champion.
  • All video submissions must be uploaded to YouTube (Teacher Champions will be asked to provide the relevant YouTube link)
  • Login and tell them the YouTube link to your video entry by 23.59 GMT on November 16, 2022.
  • Ensure that the following information is included in your video information: entry category and #TSLxZooLabSustainability2022

Click here to register

For more information, visit TSL/ZooLab Video Competition.

Link to telegram channel

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