10 Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

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10 Mistakes to avoid in a job interview
10 Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

During an interview, certain behaviors can be eliminatory. It doesn't matter how good your CV is or how motivated you are.

When it comes to finding a job, the resume and cover letter are not everything, far from it.

While it's essential to know what you should do and say in an interview, it's also essential to know the pitfalls that many candidates unintentionally fall into.

So today, I'm going to outline ten mistakes to avoid in a job interview.

  • Arriving late

It is very difficult to get rid of a bad first impression. You should know that an interview starts as soon as you enter the company: a rude or late candidate will automatically be labeled as awkward by the recruiter.
Arriving late for your job interview shows that you don't manage your time well and that you don't have a strong sense of priorities. Instead, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get to your interview in case there are traffic jams or other delays.
Make sure you allow enough time for your travel. Being late is bad behavior.

  • Arriving too early
Yes. You should avoid arriving late, that's true, but you also shouldn't arrive too early!
Arriving too early for your interview could annoy the hiring manager, as he or she may not be ready to meet you when you arrive. Instead, it is recommended that you wait until you enter the room about 5 minutes before your interview begins. This will give you time to get to the interview area on time and without stress.

  • Having inappropriate clothing and poor personal hygiene.
Avoid dressing casually for a job interview. More than likely, jeans and t-shirts are not the right attire for a job interview. Instead, consider wearing a suit or pants with a button-down shirt. If in doubt, you can always ask the hiring manager what the dress code is at the workplace and use that as a guide for your interview attire.
Arriving at your job interview with your hair in disarray or a bit of your lunch on your shirt will not make a good first impression. Instead, take the time to style your hair and make sure your clothes and accessories are clean and your overall appearance is neat.

  • Eating or drinking during the interview
You should avoid eating during an interview, even if you are hungry. The hiring manager may think you care more about your meal than the position. Instead, eat a snack before you go to the interview to fill you up until your next meal. The same goes for liquids. Drink a glass of water before the interview, but keep your bottle in your bag or briefcase during the interview itself.

  • Answer your cell phone
Definitely avoid answering your phone, scrolling through social media, or responding to texts during an interview.
Your phone should be turned off or on silent (no vibrate) during an interview. Answering a call or text message is not at all the right attitude to have in an interview. It shows a real lack of respect towards the person who receives you.

  • Not knowing enough about the company
Too often, candidates fail to learn about the company. Reading the job ad is not enough. Knowing the position but also the company and its sector will allow you not to remain speechless in front of the recruiter and to exchange with him, to show him that the position is already in your hands and that you are interested in it.

Recruiters expect candidates to have also learned about the company's activities and its ecosystem. It's essential to understand what the company does and how much clout it has in its industry before going to the job interview.

  • Not showing enough enthusiasm
Even if the job you are interviewing for is not your dream job, it is essential to show some interest in the job. The employer is looking for someone who is motivated, committed and will stay with the company for a while. If they see that you are just waiting for something better, they will definitely not consider you.

A lack of energy and enthusiasm tells the hiring manager that you are not interested in the position or the company. Instead, keep your energy level high and show that you want to learn more about the position and the company, and that you are interested in your potential role.

  • Avoiding Eye Contact
Avoiding eye contact is one of the most important attitudes to avoid in an interview. This behavior can lead the recruiter to believe that you lack confidence, that you are easily intimidated and/or that you are insincere.
Also, beware of staring too hard, which can make the interviewer feel uncomfortable or indicate an excess of self-confidence. Try to find a happy medium.

  • Showing Stress and Anxiety
Nail biting, hand biting, lip biting, compulsively stamping your feet, tapping the armrest, playing with a pen, touching your hair, and constantly changing your position are all actions that betray your stress to the interviewer.

Control your attitude during the interview so that you don't distract the interviewer from the most important thing: your words. Take steps such as tying your hair back, sitting with both legs on the floor, or leaving any accessories in your bag.

  • Disparaging your former employer
Sometimes candidates succeed in an interview but end up ruining it by saying negative things about their employer. This is unprofessional and we all know that there are two sides to every story.

Do not, under any circumstances, denigrate your previous company in front of a recruiter. They may think that you would do the same with their company if it didn't go well, that you have difficulty projecting yourself into the future and that you lack a great deal of maturity. Instead, focus on your desire to evolve, to face new challenges, etc.


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