How to get into any professional school following secondary education and tips to greatly increase your chances to earn a scholarchip or job position

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How to get into any professional school following secondary education and tips to greatly increase your chances to earn a scholarchip or job position

I am Nyuyki, a 6th year medical student in Cameroon and in the following paragraphs, I will be sharing with you some tips, and ways to increase your chances of succeeding in highly competitive entrance examinations into prestigious professional schools and how to grow personally to be more eligible for scholarship and job opportunities especially in Cameroon.

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Getting into prestigious professional schools often seems like a straight road until secondary school is over and the realities start unveiling. In my case as a young Cameroonian, I always dreamed of becoming a medical Doctor. After completing secondary school, I prepared for the National Entrance Examination for medical training alongside thousands of other candidates. Anyone can already appreciate how competitive it would be for me, well I failed that session but never gave up. I went through the path of late nights and early mornings, hardship, learned from those who succeeded, and finally had two highly competitive entrance examinations. Since then I understood a lot of strategies, researched more, got myself mentors and is intentionally getting ready for scholarships and job opportunities as soon as I graduate from Med school. Through this path I have gathered the following practical tips that will help anyone realize their dreams in this highly competitive world, please follow closely;

Be Focused and Self Disciplined: Tony O. Elumelu in a recent post said “Strategy is important, but execution is everything. Remain resilient and laser-focused until you have executed your idea”. Worthy of note is that failure is often due to poor execution not wrong strategy. Make it a routine to plan your day every-day, executing your strategy with consistent steps towards your dreams .Remember an unimplemented strategy is equal to no strategy and this only leads to one fate, FAILURE. Success never happens unless it’s intended through strategic consistent self-discipline .

Believe in merit: I had to believe in merit for believing otherwise would have meant the dead of my dreams. In Cameroon, many dreams have perished because of the believe that you can’t make it into Public schools by merit. True, there is so much corruption but merit still has its place. You can not prepare enough for what you are not convinced is possible. As a testimony I finally had two entrance examinations and I know of many hard workers who even had more by merit. To succeed, prepare as if your life depends on it for the LUCK called success only occurs when opportunity meets preparedness.

Follow your Passion: Passion tells us practically what we can be best in, mine was Medicine. People endure better, focus better and do best in what they love doing. Like the wise man said “you will never work for a day if you do what you love doing”. Always believe in yourself for a doubtful mindset might be the only barrier between you and that future you crave.

Get Mentored: The role of mentorship on our way to success can not be overemphasized as its one of the greatest pillars to success. Usually, the path we often want to take have been walked by many, with established principles that can facilitate our journey in that path. But we must be humble to learn and follow the path to great achievement. No one really succeeds in isolation and there are always experienced shoulders you need to lean on, reach-out to them and use their help.

Watch-out Friendship: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn. Selecting who you want to be friends with must be intentional, and goal directed. The friends u keep have a direct impact on your thinking, what u do and on how well u do it ,they either push u towards your goals or they help you waste precious time.

Working to finance your dreams: As a young citizen from Advance level, family begins to withdraw resources from you especially if you fail like I did. But always remember they are your dreams and everyone else may give up on them but not you. Therefore Work to finance your dreams if you have to, but money should never divert your focus from the greater goal. Common side hustles include teaching, doing some legitimate online business, animal farming etc

Never Give into Failure: We only truly fail when we give up and giving up should never be an option. Failure is a common phenomenon on the path to growth and success with effects ranging from derailment from passion through depression to suicidal thoughts, suicide is not uncommon. Note that, It’s ok to feel sad but It’s important to realize that failure simply gives us a chance to reflect, re-strategize and take another shot without loosing focus. In my case, I felt terrible but then I took the blame for poor preparations, learned from friends and mentors, adjusted my strategies and got the desired results.

Develop Soft skills: It’s worth noting that the requirements for scholarships are often not limited to academics but require soft skills. These skills are characteristics and behavior patterns that affect your interpersonal interactions, performance, and impression on others. These include communication, confidence, empathy, creativity, punctuality, leadership, teamwork, problem, volunteerism, solving etc . They are developed usually by engaging in community and group activities, sharing ideas, growing and taking up responsibilities.

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Write by : Platine NYUYKI

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