Scholarships In Canada 2024/2025 For Post-Secondary International Students

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Scholarships In Canada 2024/2025 For Post-Secondary International Students

The Canada Scholarship Program provides students from post-secondary institutions located in eligible new countries/territories with short-term exchange opportunities to study or conduct research at Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate and undergraduate levels. and graduate degrees.

Application deadline: March 19, 2024

About the price:

The Canada Scholarship Program is facilitated through institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements between post-secondary institutions in Canada and the following eligible countries/territories: Algeria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast. , Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and Ukraine. These agreements are concluded between colleges, technical or professional institutes and universities. Students, hereinafter referred to as “applicants”, must be registered as full-time students at their home institution at the time of their application and for the entire duration of their study or research stay in Canada.

Type: Secondary, First cycle, Master

Canada Scholarship Eligibility: Applicants must be citizens of one of the following eligible countries/territories: Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan
  • Europe: Türkiye, Ukraine
  • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda;


  • must be enrolled as full-time students at post-secondary institutions in eligible countries/territories and pay all tuition fees required by such institutions at the time of application and for the entire duration of the exchange;
  • who hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residence, or who have a pending application for permanent residence in Canada are not eligible;
  • who are already participating in an exchange scholarship program funded by the Government of Canada are not eligible; And
  • Students already enrolled in a program at a Canadian post-secondary institution are not eligible.

Terms and Conditions: The following terms and conditions must be fulfilled during the scholarship period.

The Canadian post-secondary institution must:

  • be a Designated Educational Institution (DDI);
  • waive tuition and/or administration fees for scholarship recipients, as selected students must be enrolled full-time and paying tuition at their home institution;
  • inform the applicant and their home institution of any mandatory fees which, in exceptional cases, cannot be waived, before applying for a scholarship on the applicant's behalf;
  • enter into an agreement with the recipient stipulating that:
- funding for the scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (MAECD);
- the beneficiary must provide the Canadian establishment with documents justifying major expenses such as travel and accommodation; And
- the recipient agrees to have their contact information shared with DFATD, for reasons such as: being invited to join the Government of Canada Scholars Alumni Association (GCSAA), attending events organized by the embassy, ​​the high commission or trade office of Canada to their country/territory of origin and by DFATD in Canada, or for promotional and statistical purposes; And
- submit qualitative and quantitative reports during the scholarship period.

The scholarship holders:

  • must engage in full-time study or research as defined by the Canadian institution;
  • must master the language of instruction in the Canadian institution (English or French) before their arrival in Canada, as the scholarship does not cover language training. Language requirements are set by each Canadian institution;
  • cannot hold any other scholarship awarded by the Government of Canada;
  • completing a semester study exchange must arrive in Canada by September for the fall semester or by January for the winter semester;
  • Researchers conducting research must arrive in Canada to benefit from their award between June 1, 2021 and no later than February 1, 2022. Failure to arrive during this period may result in cancellation of the award. In exceptional cases, and with the prior approval of DFATD, the arrival deadline may be extended until March 1, 2022;
  • students enrolled in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or other health care fields are excluded from clinical training or clinically oriented research involving direct patient care;
  • must ensure that they have appropriate health insurance for the entire duration of the scholarship, in accordance with the policies of the Canadian institution;
  • must concentrate primarily on full-time study or research during their stay in Canada; And
  • should return to their home institution after the scholarship period in order to complete their studies.

Eligible countries: see Eligibility (above)

Take it to (Country): Canada

Number of rewards: at least 50

Value of Scholarships in Canada: The Canadian institution will receive funding from DFATD for all successful applicants in the form of a contribution agreement and will be responsible for providing the funds to the scholarship recipients.

The value of the scholarship varies depending on the duration of studies:
  • 10,200 CAD for college, undergraduate or graduate students (master's and doctorate) for a minimum of four months or one academic term of study or research; Or
  • 12,700 CAD for graduate students (Master and PhD) for a period of five to six months of study or research.
In addition to the funds allocated to scholarship recipients by DFATD, the Canadian host institution may also request CAD 500 per scholarship recipient to help cover administrative costs once the scholarship recipient arrives in Canada.

Eligible Expenses: Canadian institutions will provide scholarship funds to the Scholar to contribute to the following costs:
  • visa or study/work permit fees;
  • the plane ticket, for the scholarship holder only, to travel to Canada by the most direct and economical route and the return plane ticket at the end of the scholarship;
  • health insurance;
  • living expenses, such as accommodation, utilities and food;
  • public land transport, including a public transport season ticket; And
  • books and supplies necessary for the beneficiary's study or research, excluding computers and other equipment.
How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada: Only Canadian institutions can submit applications on behalf of applicants. They can choose to set their own internal deadline for receiving supporting documents.
  • It is important to review all application requirements on the award webpage (see link below) before applying.
  • Applications at the college or undergraduate level must be accompanied by a valid student exchange agreement between the Canadian institution and the applicant's home institution. The agreement must stipulate that tuition fees are waived for scholarship recipients. College or undergraduate applications for research internships or internships at Canadian institutions without an exchange agreement or memorandum of understanding with the applicants' home institutions are also accepted. These applications must be accompanied by a letter issued by the Canadian institution's international office or equivalent, linking the application to a specific international research collaboration, naming the Canadian supervisor who agreed to supervise the student during the scholarship period and confirming that tuition fees, if applicable, will be waived for the recipient. Such a letter must be uploaded in lieu of an interinstitutional agreement.
  • For graduate applications, an inter-establishment agreement is desirable but not obligatory. If there is no existing exchange agreement, graduate applications that involve new or established collaboration between faculty at a Canadian institution and the applicant's home institution will be accepted.
  • Applications submitted directly by an applicant or their home institution will not be accepted.
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred and are not renewable.
  • Scholarships are not taxable for either the Canadian institution or the scholarship holder.

Visit the award webpage for more details


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