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IHS Towers of Strength is currently hiring a  IT Intern

Job Description
  • Serve as the first point of contact for users seeking IT assistance over the phone/email / Sysaid platform
  • Assist in software and hardware deployment and upgrade.
  • Solve all issues relating to desktops, applications, printers, phones, network, and hardware/software maintenance
  • First-level support for all NOC issues
  • Assist supplier during monthly printer maintenance tasks
  • Perform routine PC maintenance and update for performance efficiency.
  • Set up and configures desktop computers/laptops, peripherals, printer, phone, and account assigning security level
  • Manage GSM, Internet modem fleet (perform activations, readjustments, renewal, and deactivations).
  • Follow up and update some IT tracker
  • Provide weekly reports to the Specialist,IT, on all IT activities of the week
Skills / Competence Requirements
  • Ability to install and configure computer
  • Hardware, software and networks skills
  • Computer skills including the ability to operate computerized accounting, spreadsheet, word-processing
  • Good knowledge in Office 365 products
  • Good overall knowledge in Microsoft operating systems and products in generalAbility to keep updated IT Inventories
  • Bachelor in IT degree or equivalent with data processing training, computer operations
  • Training / Computerization and software skills with a strong experiences
Other Requirements
  • Being fluent in both English and French
  • High availability
  • Capacity to work under presure
Additional Information
Organizational Competencies
  • Customer Focus - People demonstrating this competency understand & exceed our customers’ needs. They develop trusted, reliable & collaborative relationships. They are consistently operating to the highest standards of service & delivery.
  • Innovation - People demonstrating this competency constantly seek new & improved ways to deliver our products & services. They champion engineering & skills development, and work to create a collaborative and supportive operating environment.

  • Integrity - People demonstrating this competency are open & honest in everything they do. They support financially & environmentally sustainable growth. They make socially responsible decisions and treat their stakeholders with respect.
  • Be Bold - People demonstrating this competency are thorough in analyses & decision-making. They are courageous in expanding existing markets & developing new ones. They confidently pursue appropriate financial returns and are forward-thinking and ambitious.
  • Sustainability- People demonstrating this competency are constantly seeking to create positive impact in the communities we serve.

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