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IHS Towers of Strength is currently hiring a  Manger Regional

  • Liaise with Divisional Manager Regional (DMR) to optimize operations’ performance (through enhancing controls, optimizing preventive maintenance, spare parts control and availability, team’s distribution…)
  • Support in Keeping IHSCAM portfolio updated and optimized (site names, IDs, topology, coordinates, classifications, power system installed, security companies, cleaning companies, Maintenance SBCs, team allocations, regional, collocation…)
  • Define Preventive / Routine maintenance schedules and plans (upgrades) with NOC and SBCs in the Region
  • Control and manage projects’ flow and status in the region
  • Leading the restoration of the service where possible on any impacted sites under their region
  • Carrying the monthly validation with all the SBCs
  • Ensure all the HSE policies are being respected and followed.Improve the systems’ performance (Hybrid, Solar and Grid)Improve the corporation with the clients.
  • Ensure that all the processes and procedures are aligned with SOX roles company obligations
  • Supporting other units especially Rollout and commercial units to achieve company targets.
  • Liaise / communicate with Diesel team to track Diesel consumption, Diesel theft, installed power system performance (Solar, Hybrid, IPT…) and issue monthly diesel consumption report related to its managed region.
  • Plan / Establish with Diesel Manager monthly study: 
  • Most diesel consuming sites in the related Region. 
  • Most inefficient sites with power system installed designed to reduce Diesel Consumption in the concerned region.
  • Confirm and monitor public power availability at sites and proper billing within Managed Regions
  • Liaise / support NOC Senior Manager to Optimize NOC team performance following
  • Correct data collection from field.Preventive maintenance validation
  • Persistent Correct Reporting (Availability, MTTR, MTBF, failures’ reason…)
  • Monitor issued Trouble tickets and ensure correct closing and allocation within managed regions.
  • Validate equipment, spare parts, consumables,
  • Monitor logistics and stock level inventory for regional warehouse.
  • Manage and resolve all issues arising from sites and various SBCs within related managed Regions.
  • Support DMR to:
  • Attend to SBCs requirement and advice corresponding payments.
  • Assess SBCs’ performance by establishing monthly ranking taking into consideration availability, MTTR, MTBF, respecting preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Push related SBCs within managed Region preventive maintenance documentation with IHS Online Maintenance Application.
  • Reinforce and optimize data collection from SBCs (Preventive Maintenance Plan & its daily actualization, crucial sites data for maintenance validation CPH, Diesel supplied…) in related region.
  • Ensure Monthly budget received from Finance are used efficiently and justification provided before requesting new finance support.Su
  • pport DMR to reduce Cash in Hand moving to controlled ways of payment (transfer, cheques…) within managed region.
  • Support DMR in Assisting the finance department in invoicing customers correctly and accurately.
  • Keep opened & clear communication channels with the DMR, related customers representatives and Operations’ internal structure within managed regions.
  • Liaises/communicate with DMR on updates and site issues.
  • Liaise / coordinate with aside departments when required (Finance, Rollout, Legal, SAQ, Accounting, HR, Procurement…)
  • Escalate any site issue that cannot be resolved to DMR to avoid complications within managed Region(s).
  • Set Related Officer sites targets and KPIs through the guidance of the Divisional Manager Regional
  • Observe and inspect operational staff integrity, efficiency, and performance within managed Region(s).
  • Ensure proper development for all colleagues within managed Region(s) (HSE, Quality, Technical trainings…) enabling to optimize team performance.
  • Ensure team motivation by transferring IHSCAM vision and strategy making sure field technicians are part of the change helping to smooth strategy application within managed Region(s).

  • Make sure Health & Safety Policy is well transmitted & understood within managed Region(s) to all related colleagues (Regional Managers & Sites Officers).
  • Make sure Quality Policy is well transmitted & understood within managed Region(s)
  • Ensure Quality along with Health & Safety Policies are distributed accross Operations within managed Region(s)
  • Guarantee quality compliance for all sites operational aspects (consumables replacement as per preventive maintenance schedule and requirements, spare parts replacement as per curative interventions on sites within managed Region(s) ;Guarantee correct data maintenance collection with the support of the Regional Managers using deployed Maintenance Booklet and well utilization by the field technicians within managed related region(s)
  • Validate & guarantee correct & accurate data collection and reporting from site through preventive & curative interventions through IHS Online Maintenance Application within managed region(s)
  • Support HSE & Quality Coordinator with quartely audits to secure gap between established processed and their application is reduced to almost nil preparing our Quality Management System to be certified compliant with ISO9001:2008 requirements within managed Region(s)
  • Work hand in hand with the HSE & Quality Coordinator on implementing OHSAS18001 / Occupational Health & Safety System enabling operations to operate in a healthier & reduced incident environment by releasing HIRA _ Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis completing then setting all related processes & procedures to avoid them from occurring within managed Region(s).
  • Support DMR in pursuing cost-effective solutions.
  • Work on developing the relation with the customer within managed Region(s) or regional representative
  • Monitor & Ensure customer satisfaction within managed Region(s).
TECHNICAL ENVOLVEMENT within managed Region(s)
  • Attend to sites breakdowns’ when necessary to reduce MTTR and resolution obstacles within Managed Region(s).
  • Ensure proper preventive and corrective maintenance of rectifiers, DC system units, alarm monitoring systems and AC units
  • Installation and commissioning of different types, brands and capacities of generators (ex: Perkins, Mikano, FG-Wilson…)
  • Ensure efficient operation of batteries and rectifiers units, modules to ensure good batteries autonomy when required.
  • Ability to design earth formation to reduce earth resistance on GSM sites to ensure that earth formation is fully implemented. Moreover, ability to carry out earth improvement.
  • Good understanding of Diagrams, interpretation of electrical layouts….
  • Installation, termination and commissioning of different ATS/AMF panels including ComAp, Deepsea, BE2K panels, DC & DCDG generators control panels additionally to hybrid system and solar systems.
  • Other responsibilities as may be required by the Company.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication, Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • Master’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline and/ or MBA will be an asset.
  • +6 years’ experience in telecoms Operation and project management.
Additional Information

Key Performance Indicators

  • 95% of the related Region Preventive & Routine Maintenance Schedule is met and accomplished Getting site maintenance in accordance with routine schedules.
  • Sites power availability is kept @ 99.8% in the concerned Region.
  • Regional Managers’ availability is kept @ 99.8%
  • SBCs’ availability is kept @ 99.8%
  • Technician availability is kept @ 99.8%
  • MTTR is optimized @ 2 hours.
  • Minimize MTBF to nil.
  • Cost reduction ideas and management.
  • Optimize No of sites managing & distribution.No of engineers and teams managed.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Diesel Consumption reduction
Make sure Customers’ NUR

Organizational Competencies
  • Customer Focus - People demonstrating this competency understand & exceed our customers’ needs. They develop trusted, reliable & collaborative relationships. They are consistently operating to the highest standards of service & delivery.
  • Innovation - People demonstrating this competency constantly seek new & improved ways to deliver our products & services. They champion engineering & skills development, and work to create a collaborative and supportive operating environment.
  • Integrity - People demonstrating this competency are open & honest in everything they do. They support financially & environmentally sustainable growth. They make socially responsible decisions and treat their stakeholders with respect.
  • Be Bold - People demonstrating this competency are thorough in analyses & decision-making. They are courageous in expanding existing markets & developing new ones. They confidently pursue appropriate financial returns and are forward-thinking and ambitious.
  • Sustainability- People demonstrating this competency are constantly seeking to create positive impact in the communities we serve.



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